Grand bal de Bath 2014 workshop details:



Jean Luc’s Hurdy Gurdy workshop details 2014


The workshop is for Hurdy-Gurdies  in  G/C.  Please tune up beforehand!

The tunes will be taught by ear, so bring an audio recorder.

Some of the tunes are  from the Morvan and  the centre of France, some composed by Jean Luc.


Dance Band Workshop: Paul James

Using simple, catchy folk dance tunes as a starting point, this workshop is about working together as a team to make a mighty big band noise that is more than the sum of its parts. Suitable for all ages, abilities, any instrument. No prior knowledge of folk music necessary. The aim is to create imaginative arrangements - using harmonies and riffs, textures and dynamics - that are interesting and fun to play, dance and listen to. You need to be of a standard where you can play a simple folk tune through at the right tempo, either by ear or by reading music.  Music isn't available in advance as we will decide what we want to do together when we meet on the day. Queries?   0788 794 8853


Dave Shepherd’s and Anna Pack’s Dance workshops

As regards the workshops one can be titled ‘Dances from Poitou’ and the other ‘Dances from the Vendée.’ 

The first will include dances such as the Bal Limousine and Avant-deux and the second will have Branle de Noirmoutier, Maraichine and Polaïe. We will as well include a couple of new bourrees and couple dances in one or other of the workshops.

Dave and Anna will present a workshop based on some lesser known dances from central and western France, such as the Branle de Noirmoutier, Avant-deux, and Bal Limousine.
Dave is well known as the fiddle player in Blowzabella and has a vast repertoire of dances and fiddle music from England and western Europe.
Anna is a dancer and musician with a longstanding interest in French traditional dance, and has performed with The Chase and Circa Compania, both as a dancer and player of the diatonic accordion.


Serge Liorzou’s Breton Dance workshops

Workshop 1 - All the basic steps of gavotte   (pas en 3 et 4, pas en 4 et 5)


Workshop 2- How to use the basic steps…     Gavotte, fusel, pourlett,  dans leon…

Workshop 3- Rond loudeac, plinn, rond St Vincent, et danses vannetaises (an dro, laridé 6 et 8, hanter dro, Kas ha bar’h)