Accommodation list


For any who might be intending to come to Le Grand Bal de Bath but are yet to fix up somewhere to stay, here is what can only reasonably be called ‘Barbara Butler’s B&B Bonanza’ (well, it’s a list really, but that doesn’t start with ‘B’):


This is just a suggestion list. No particular recommendation is implied.


Somerset Villa  10 Newbridge Rd, Bath BA1 3JX  01225 421483

Ashley Villa 26 Newbridge Rd, Bath BA1 3JZ        01225 421683

Abbot Guest House 168 Newbridge Rd, Bath BA1 3LE  01225 314151

Aqua Sulis Guest House 174-176 Newbridge Rd, Bath BA1 3LE  01225 420061

Austen Guest House 55 Wellsway, Bath, Somerset BA2 4AT          01225 332266

The Boathouse, Newbridge Rd, Bath BA1 3NB         01225 482584 (Pub by River Avon)

Devonshire House B&B 143 Wellsway, Bath BA2 4RZ           01225 312495

Hawkins Guest House 88 Newbridge Rd, Bath BA1 3LA 01225 334450

Marlborough Guest House, Marlborough Lane, Bath BA1 2NQ          01225 318175 (Vegetarian and by Victoria Park)

Milton House B&B Wellsway, Bath, Somerset BA2 4RU          01225 335632

Royal Park Guest House, 16 Crescent Gardens, Upper Bristol Rd, Bath          BA1 2NA 01225 317651

Waltons Guest House, 17 Crescent Gardens, Upper Bristol Rd, Bath          BA1 2NA  01225 426528

Albany Guest House, 24 Crescent Gardens, Upper Bristol Rd, Bath            BA1 2NB  01225 313339

Brooks Guest House, 1 Upper Bristol Rd, Bath BA1 2NA 01225 425543  


The Bath House, 40 Crescent Gardens, Upper Bristol Rd, Bath          BA1 2NB 07711119847


Rainbow Wood Farm B&B, Claverton Down Rd, Bath BA2 7AR07812 114085 (very close to Grand Bal venue)

Corston Fields Farm, Corston, (first village to WEST of Bath on A39), Bath BA2 9EZ 01225 873305



Newton Mill Campsite, Newton Rd, Bath BA2 9JF 01225 333909