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"Tight website! I especially liked your Spirit 105.3 Edge page"

- Chris
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Berachah at Buck Creek

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Join Crystal this winter!

At Crystal Mountain in WA.

Base:Snow depth 0" and the temp is 29°.

Summit:Snow depth 0" and the temp is 19°.

 April 4 2008


A copy of the drawing made by the student 'A.P.'
By J. Grant Swank, Jr.

It’s a drawing of a cross and then a reference to “John 3:16 a sign of love.”

The Tomah Wisconsin High School senior submitted the artwork and was graded with a zero. Other students submitted demonic images and that was okay. The art teacher said the Christian depiction was out of bounds.

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April 1 2008

 I added some new pages to my web site they are

Stuart Island andWA Mountain Biking.


March 12 2008 (UP D on April 19

Stellar Kart is coming to The Spring Fair ( on the 4/18/08 at 8:00 pm) in the Puyallup Fairgrounds Puyallup, WA.

Don't worry  about the cost it's $5 - $12.


January 31 2008

My Mille Fleur Belgian bearded d'Uccle hen laid her first egg today in a long time.

I had a dream that she laid some eggs and hatched them on my birthday...... So it is close!

P.S. My birthday is February 3........



January 19 2008

Can I Make Snow? Yes and no:(

Go to Snow at Home to see if you can.

If you live in a region that has freezing temperatures - even if it’s just one night per year - you can make real snow!


January 4 2008

I bought the Saitek Competition Chess Clock from

and it came today. It only took 4 days including New Year's Day.

The clock is going to take some getting used to because it pressures me on the play faster. 

Photo credits and the place where i bought my Chess Clock
Large, simple controls offer 10 timer modes; Blitz, Tournament, Game and User, plus your Coach’s Favourite.

December 31 2007


December 24 2007

Filename: j0404631.wmf Keywords: babies, children, Christmas ... File Size: 24 KBIt's Christmas Eve today.

December 21 2007

 The Crosman Quest 1000X Air Rifle that i bought on 12/14

came yesterday i shot it today it is so cool and powerful.

It only took 6 days from the 12/14 to 12/20.


December 18 2007

AP Photo/Lisa Poole

A Gloucester, Mass. firefighter hoses down what is left of a four-story apartment building, Saturday, Dec. 15, 2007 following an eight-alarm fire in Gloucester, Mass. One person was killed in the fire.

AP Photo/Lisa Poole

Firefighters hose down a synagogue, Saturday, Dec. 15, 2007 following an eight-alarm fire in Gloucester, Mass. One person was killed in the fire, and the synagogue and an apartment building were destroyed.


December 16 2007

The Nativity Story 


December 14 2007

I bought the Crosman Quest 1000X Air Rifle