Welcome, our 7th season of FLL at TRES will begin in September 2019!

Registration is not yet open for 2019-2020.

This season's theme:

What if you could build a better world? Where would you begin?
More than ever, we must come together to innovate and solve problems. In FIRST, you are part of a thriving community brimming with inspiration, creativity, and hope for a stronger, more sustainable future—one that’s built better together.

If you would like to help with TRES FLL please contact Krishna Patel <>.

A Few of Our Accomplishments

Our program started in the 2013-2014 season.
In 6 Seasons (so far), we have had teams that:
  • Won Judges Award (Qualifying Tournament) 2x
  • Won Best Core Values (Qualifying Tournament)
  • Won Best Project (Qualifying Tournament)
  • Won Best Robot Design (Qualifying Tournament)
  • 2nd Place Robot Performance (Qualifying Tournament)
  • Champions Award (Qualifying Tournament)
  • 3 teams were invited to the State Championship
  • 3rd Place: Project Presentation (State Championship)
We have TRES FLL Alumni that:
  • Went to the State Championships (7 teams)
  • Went to the World Championships (1 team)
  • Won an Innovation Award at the World Championships (2 teams)

We are a TRES PTA program ~ 501 (c)(3)