Welcome!  This Google site was designed by Christie Brown and Laura Jackson to present the workshop Build to Express: Using LEGO Sets to Quietly Build Creative Expression at the Spring Conference for the Missouri Association of School Librarians April 20, 2015.

The focus of the workshop is to share information about how students and staff at Summit Lakes Middle School (SLMS) have used LEGO BuildToExpress sets (similar to StoryStarter and LearnToLearn sets) to increase cognitive engagement in the classroom.  In many instances the kits are used as a springboard activity to generate discussion, but they are also used to facilitate both creative and technical writing.

SLMS serves almost 1,000 students in grades 7-8 and is one of three middle schools in Lee's Summit, MO.  LEGO sets became a part of instruction during the fall of 2012.

Visitors of this site are welcome to use ideas and download resources.  If you plan to share resources with others, please respect that these are being shared freely with you and extend that courtesy to others as well.