Rules and Helpful Hints

Official Rules:

1) There is no age limit.

2) Participants are allowed to work in groups of up to three people.

3) You must be registered no later than a week before the fundraiser .  Only the first 100 participants to register will get to compete.

Drag Race for Fastest LEGO® Masterpiece:

Bring your own LEGO® racer to race down the 12-foot-long drag strip.  LEGO® racers can be pushed by hand (one push), wind-up, or robotic.


Helpful Hints:

~ Raise money before the day of the fundraiser.  Ask your friends, family, and neighbors to make a donation to your masterpiece!  Cash is accepted and checks can be made out to the Muscular Dystrophy Association.
~ Be as original as possible in your LEGO® Masterpiece design.

~ Prepare a sign to go along with your LEGO® Masterpiece with your Name(s), Age(s), LEGO® Masterpiece Name and a short paragraph that describes its meaning and features so that the judges will be able to evaluate it better when you're not able to be there to explain it to them.

~You are allowed to win in both the LEGO® Race and in one of the other categories!

To Register:
Email the following information to 
    - Participant Name(s)
    - Age(s)
    -Parent Name(s)
    -Mailing Address
    -Phone Number
    -Email Address

***Please indicate what size t-shirt(s) you would like (child or adult), if you'd like to purchase one ($10/ea).***.

On the Side:

There will be a tallest tower contest sometime during the regular competition.  Rules and prizes will be announced the day of the fundraiser. So kids, be thinking about what kind of tower would be tall and strong!

Most Money Raised - GRAND PRIZE: $150

Most Complex - Prize: $100

Most Creative - Prize: $75
Most Unique - Prize: $75
Spirit of MDA - Prize: $25
Morgan's Favorite - Prize: $50

Dedication to the Cuase - $50

Fastest LEGO® Masterpiece (Will be in the form of a drag race) - 1st - $60, 2nd - $30, 3rd - $15
*Note - every participant will receive a prize for their efforts*

Sponsor Opportunity
We are in need of sponsors for this year's prizes.  If you would like your business name attached to a prize, please get in touch with Mandy.