Fun for everyone at the LEGO®  Buildoff

We don't just sit around looking at LEGO® bricks all day... 

Tallest Tower Contest - Official Sponsor: Freddie Mac donated the thousands of LEGO® bricks used in the tallest  tower contest. Kids are given the opportunity during the fundraiser to build the tallest tower they can out of LEGO®  bricks within a certain time period. 

Drag Strip - Virginia International Raceway hosted the Fastest LEGO® Masterpiece competition. A BIG thanks to VIR for providing us with a terrific announcer and prizes for our winners!


LEGO® Artist - Brian Korte- Brian was at the 3rd annual fundraiser showing off his wonderful LEGO® artwork.  For any LEGO® fanatic, Brian's mosaics make a great gift! Check out his website for more details on how to purchase your own LEGO® artwork


Segway - Mike Miller brought his Segway to give rides to people attending the first annual event.  We hope he will come back again.


Marlo the Magician- Marlo makes a magical appearance at every LEGO® Build-off.  Special thanks to Marlo for volunteering his time to entertain our participants.

Mike's Performance Audio - Mike and his crew brought a big show of beautiful cars for the 3rd Annual LEGO® Build-off!  Maybe they'll do it again this year!!!

LEGO® Zone - We have a whole corner filled with LEGO® bricks so the kids have something to do to pass the time until awards are given.


Fire Truck - The local fire department was nice enough to bring a truck out for tours during the 2nd annual event.

Door Prizes - We have awesome door prizes for every non-participant that comes through the door!  If you are interested in donating or sponsoring a door prize, please contact Mandy!