TicketsNow Reviews: Is TicketsNow Legit, Safe & Reliable?

TicketsNow - Key Features

  • Browse by City/Zip Code, Venue or Event
  • Features Event Calendar for Tickets Now
  • Top picks (Fan Choice) through online polls
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TicketsNow - Full Review

TicketsNow Reviews - Logo is affiliated with the National Association of Ticket Brokers. The company has more than 300 men and women under its employ and is headquartered within the periphery of Chicago, Illinois. TicketsNow adopts a pricing structure which is a bit higher compared to the average price that is prevailing in the market. The topnotch customer support of the company is more than enough to cover for the upward price differential.

The service suite of the company has a unique feature and this is referred to simply as Corporate Programs. This is what sets TicketsNow apart from the other players in the industry. Through this program, TicketsNow provides companies and organizations with a unique buying platform that is specifically designed to meet the demands and preferences of their employees and clients. Through this program, those who are affiliated with organizations or employed by companies will enjoy great discounts and convenient and easy ordering process.

TicketsNow is one of the leading providers of event tickets online and is known for its topnotch customer support. It caters primarily to international events and those that happen in North America. This implies that its inventory of event tickets, though considered heavy by industry standards, is not as extensive compared to that of StubHubs and other major players in the event ticket industry.

When comparing how their selection of tickets is categorized with the other providers of event tickets online, one may have the impression that it is somewhat awkward. Still, this online provider of event tickets is a good pick for most fans of sports, concert and theater events, and normally gets positive reviews and feedback from clients. It is definitely one that you could recommend to friends and family.

The listing of tickets that are for sale on TicketsNow is open to both fans and event ticket brokers. Another major strength of the company is its large inventory of event tickets, which is six times over compared to what is available on eBay. In terms of broker participation and presence, some 90 percent of event ticket brokers regularly list their event tickets with the company. All in all, the inventory of event tickets is pretty impressive and you can expect to find tickets for major and most events in the international scene as well as those that are happening in North America.

The prices of event tickets at TicketsNow are a tad higher compared to majority of the other online sources of event tickets. This should be seen as an acceptable tradeoff for the fuss-free and easy access to tickets and better chances in getting the best seats for a wide range of events that are happening in the international scene as well as those in North America.

The premium service provided by TicketsNow comes with a service charge which is equivalent to 15 percent of the price of an event ticket. At this level, it is expected that you will be purchasing event tickets from TicketsNow at prices that are relatively higher compared to when you purchase them from other event ticket sellers.

TicketsNow - Guarantee

TicketsNow does not offer exchanges, order cancellations and refunds in any and all of the transactions between ticket brokers and buyers. It should be made clear that the process can no longer be reversed once the order of tickets has already been sent. As soon as the order has been made, TicketsNow immediately sets things in motion and gets hold of the event tickets that you want to purchase.

There are exceptions to the refund policy of the company. One can avail of a refund on account of cancellations of events due to force majeure (flood, rainout or earthquake) and cancellations as a result of terrorism incidents, war, lockout or strikes. The refund shall only apply to the actual cost of the ticket and will not include the service charge of said purchases.

TicketsNow - Delivery of Event Tickets to Buyers

Tickets purchased at TicketsNow are delivered through express courier and the signature of the recipient is required to complete the delivery. The express courier provides for a tacit assurance that no reroutes will be done over the course of the delivery of the event tickets purchased. In cases where the delivery address is different from the billing address stated on the payment mode which was used in the purchase of such event tickets, you will be required to accomplish and submit an authorization through fax.

Under normal circumstances, you will be notified by TicketsNow about the details of the courier service as well as the expected arrival of the event tickets that you have purchased from them. In most cases, delivery is completed within 48 hours prior to the scheduled concert, sports or theatre event.

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