Ticketmaster vs Live Nation

​Live Nation Vs TicketMaster – Are There Any Differences?

Finding the best tickets online can be challenging with so many companies out there. Sure, it is much more efficient doing it from the comfort of your bedroom, but you may also end up spending less money if you do your homework and go with the right business. Whether you are after an Adele concert, an NBA top game or Manchester's derby between United and City, chances are you can find tickets online.

Live Nation and TicketMaster are among the top companies in this segment. They have millions of tickets available for sale, but they also provide good value for money. The main question is – which one is better? Where should you go to grab your tickets? This Live Nation vs Ticketmaster review will clear it out for you.

Live Nation Vs TicketMaster - Ticket Selection

Live Nation is specialized in live entertainment. In other words, according to the official website, you can find music concerts, sports events, theater plays, conferences and pretty much any type of major event. The company does not have categories like most other websites in the business, so you will have to search for the event, venue or artist yourself.

You can find a ticket for various events all over the world. Most events are in the USA and the UK, but you can also find shows in other parts of the world, as long as they have international recognition.

TicketMaster goes on the same profile. The concert promoter provides tickets to concert shows, sports events, arts and theater, family shows and so on. It is also international and covers events all across the world, yet you are more likely to find shows in America and Europe. A simple search over the official website will give you the answer.

Live Nation Vs TicketMaster - Website experience

Finding Live Nation entertainment is relatively simple. As you go on the official website, you will find a simple interface and a few recommendations. Unlike other companies, Live Nation's recommendations are based on underdogs. You will find tickets to artists who you have never heard about.

The general idea is fairly simple – the business is trying to tell you that it is not focused on major concert shows. Instead, it can also give you a ticket to Atreyu's tour or Chase Atlantic's next concert. The search function will take you anywhere though – this is where everything begins. Find your favorite artist, the venue or the concert name for ticketing prices.

TicketMaster aims to make it easier for you. The homepage will give you ticketing opportunities to the main shows. You will find tickets for Post Malone or Chance The Rapper, not to mention Detroit Pistons. Recommendations suggest both known and unknown names in the attempt to give you some hints.

Again, the search function is clear in the middle of the page and will take you wherever you want to go.

Both Live Nation and TicketMaster websites are easy to navigate and simplistic – no annoying ads, boring content or random data.

Live Nation Vs TicketMaster - Applications

Both Live Nation and TicketMaster have their own applications. Live Nation entertainment is easily accessible at a glance. The location is easier to detect, so recommendations on ticketing, music and concerts are more accurate. The application is available on both iOS and Android devices – it is free to download and provides a bit more convenience. You can save card details for further uses, for example.

TicketMaster's application is similar – easy to use, convenient, accurate and more efficient than the actual website because everything is just a few taps away. Your details are saved too. Once you buy your first ticket, further tickets can be bought can be purchased with just a few taps. Just search and buy.

The best part about using an application for music or concerts is the fact that you can get live notifications, rather than emails. The content is easy to access and luckily, there is plenty of it.

It is worth noting that there are no extra features in the applications. Sure, there are small differences, but you get the same deals, fees, ticketing options and search results like on the official websites.

Live Nation Vs TicketMaster - Deliveries and returns

Live Nation delivers ticketing in more formats. Fees vary according to the format you choose. For most music concerts, you will be able to enter with electronic tickets. Practically, you can get them on your app. Show the app as you enter – someone will scan your code and you are ready to go.

You can also opt for will call ticketing (the venue will have them until you show up), print at home tickets or paper alternatives. Paper ticketing is a good option if you buy early – otherwise, do not take the risk. If you fail to get your tickets a couple of days before the show, get in touch with the customer service department.

TicketMaster follows the exact same rules. The company will also provide paper, electronic, app or will call ticketing. Again, get in touch with the customer department if your physical tickets are not there 48 hours before the event.

For both Live Nation Entertainment and TicketMaster, there will be fees for certain options – such as the physical delivery. You will pay shipping costs.

When you buy a ticket, you agree to some terms – including the fees. None of the companies allows returns. If the promoter cancels the event, you will be refunded, of course. If the tour is rescheduled, you can also ask for a refund. But if you change your mind or something comes up and you can no longer make it, you will have to try selling the tickets if you want to recover your money.

Live Nation Vs TicketMaster - Ease of use

TicketMaster and the Live Nation entertainment website are extremely easy to use. Make sure you take advantage of the search function or you might get lost going through suggestions. Simply search for your event name, artist and venue and names will pop up. Altogether, finding a ticket and making a purchase should take less than five or 10 minutes.

The same rule applies when you use the app, which is even faster and only involves a few taps.

It might take you more deciding on the actual ticket than buying it. Each live event comes with more tickets and available seats. You will see a map, so you can get an idea about where you will be. It is up to you to decide which ticketing option provides more value for your money.

Both websites allow buying and selling tickets. Also, websites are rich in quality content and news for entertainment.

Live Nation Vs TicketMaster - Customer service

Live Nation is a transparent company when it comes to getting in touch with it. The company provides all kinds of details on its contact page – phone number, email address, post address and even contacts for international support – depending on the country you are in. There are no live chat features though, yet a phone call will provide instant replies, while emails are usually replied to within 12 hours.

TicketMaster follows the exact same rules – emails, phone numbers, post addresses and international contacts. The company will reply extremely fast to emails.

Moreover, you can find lots of content in the FAQ sections and help pages.

Live Nation Vs TicketMaster - Safety and security

Live Nation and TicketMaster provide high security protocols, so everything is safe. Your search and details will never be shared. Your card information is also safe, even if you choose to store it. In fact, Live Nation is known as the company with the highest security standards in this field – based on more reviews.

If you are worried about getting fake tickets or scammed by various sellers, you can forget about such things. Live Nation's team is extremely efficient at scouting tickets before they go out for sale. Besides, if you fail to get your ticket before the live performance or it is rejected before entering the live venue, Live Nation will refund you. TicketMaster has the exact same policy – the company will fully refund you if such situations arise, yet you are less likely to find negative reviews about this type of problem.

Live Nation Vs TicketMaster - Fees

Fees are part of the game in this industry – pretty much every promoter relies on them to make money, so you cannot really avoid them.

Fees on both Live Nation and TicketMaster vary between 10% and 20%. There are facility charges, convenience charges and service fees. If you opt to get physical tickets, each company will charge for shipping costs. There are both buying and selling fees.

At times, they may get quite high. As a general rule of thumb, you should not buy tickets during the first sale – unless the show is in great demand. Other than that, you can wait for the next sale or get your tickets as the show date gets closer. Set some notifications and search on a regular basis to observe price changes.

The good news is that both websites will display the full ticket prices. What you see is what you pay for. If a ticket on Live Nation costs $61, this is what you will pay. Fees are included now, rather than added at the end, during the checkout – quite a nasty surprise back then.

Live Nation Vs TicketMaster - Verdict

So, which company is better for you? Is Live Nation better than TicketMaster or the other way around? As you can see, both portals have similar features. Why? The two have merged to become Live Nation Entertainment.

The merger keeps two separate subsidiaries though, so both artists and customers can benefit from stronger platforms. But then, where do you go for tickets? Both. Simple as that. Check both websites and you are likely to find similar, but slightly different prices. Shopping around is the way to go.​