Seatgeek vs Ticketnetwork [Fees, Customer Service, Security]

SeatGeek Vs TicketNetwork – A Leading Name Versus An Ambitions Underdog

Buying tickets for all kinds of events has never been easier. Forget about those long lines and early mornings – simply get online, find the event you want and get tickets online within minutes only. The offer is quite impressive and buyers no longer have to stick to eBay or other auction websites, but move on to specialized portals.

Comparing SeatGeek vs TicketNetwork can be a bit tricky. They both compete in the same range for ticket prices, while buyers have a plethora of features to take advantage from. This review will help you go in the right direction. Which option is better?

TicketNetwork vs SeatGeek – Ticket selection

SeatGeek is a top player in the sports industry – most leagues in the USA, as well as the best football leagues all across the world. You can purchase tickets for a random league game, as well as a super game, such as the Super Bowl. Apart from sporting events, you can get concert tickets as well, not to mention theater shows, conferences and plays.

TicketNetwork follows the same principles, yet you might have more options at certain times of the year. The company entices its buyers with specific events too – during the wintertime, you will find a special link for winter holiday or Christmas shows. The same rule applies for Christmas, Halloween and other major holidays – tickets that you may now always find on Ticket Aggregator or eBay.

TicketNetwork vs SeatGeek – Website and application

Both the TicketNetwork vs SeatGeek websites are simple and easy to use. They also have mobile versions. Home pages will introduce you to the major upcoming concerts and sporting events, as well as listings that are on sale. If you are not interested in one of these event tickets, your venture starts with the bar that works like an internal search engine – similar to what you would do on eBay or Ticket Aggregator.

Once you find the event, artist or game you are interested in, click on the tickets you want and move on to the checkout page – everything is straightforward and intuitive.

Both TicketNetwork vs SeatGeek have proprietary apps too. In fact, TicketNetwork's app is among the top rated ones in the Play Store. All in all, apps are available for free in the Play Store and Apple Store. It is almost impossible to find a negative review on them. They offer the same features as their websites.

TicketNetwork vs SeatGeek – Deliveries and returns

SeatGeek offers a few different ticket formats – email vs app vs paper. The customer service recommends the electronic format – no extra fees and an instant delivery. This format is much safer on websites like SeatGeek or Ticket Aggregator than on eBay due to the guarantees in place.

TicketNetwork has a few different options as well – electronic vs will call vs paper. The will call delivery involves tickets getting delivered and picked up from the venue when the event is about to start – no hassle for you.

When it comes to returns, both TicketNetwork vs SeatGeek will provide returns if the show is canceled. Other than that, sales are final – quite common on any other website, including Ticket Aggregator. Some portals may try to find a solution for you and perhaps an exchange in the event of an emergency, but it is not the case here.

The good news is you can sell tickets on both portals, so at least you can get rid of the tickets and make some of your money back – even more if the event is in great demand.

TicketNetwork vs SeatGeek – Customer service

SeatGeek makes it a bit difficult to get in touch – you will need an account to do it. You also have a contact form that may turn into a live chat if an operator is online – with or without an account. However, getting the phone number can be tricky.

TicketNetwork is more transparent – you can contact the customer service by email vs phone vs social media vs post. In fact, the phone number is mentioned at the top of every page if you need urgent help. There is no such thing as a live chat feature though.

Both Ticket Network vs SeatGeek have comprehensive FAQ and help sections. There are no newsletters to subscribe to for special offers and discount codes.

TicketNetwork vs SeatGeek – Features and extras

SeatGeek will find the best deal for you. The Deal Score function will analyze more factors for each ticket – price vs seat vs date vs other factors to identify the ideal deal for you. Basically, this feature is all about cost efficiency – value for money.

Being smaller in size and not as famous, Ticket Network does not offer any extras. It is quite basic though and less likely to confuse you.

TicketNetwork vs SeatGeek – Fees

SeatGeek has variable fees, meaning the buyer fees depend on the event, venue, artist or demand. They can get quite high, but they may also be extremely low. Seller fees are set to 20% though. The best part about fees is that they are included in the price – no funny surprises at the checkout.

Ticket Network has lower seller fees – 10% only. As for the buyer fees, they are set at 18.5%. They are a bit lower when compared to other similar websites, so overall prices tend to stay at an affordable rate too.

TicketNetwork vs SeatGeek - The Verdict

So, which one is better? Is SeatGeek the front runner? Is Ticket Network a reliable underdog?

Indeed, SeatGeek is better established. It has access to a bigger market, as well as a smoother website and application. There are more people selling tickets there as well.

Ticket Network is an underdog in this confrontation, but an extremely reliable one. It is easy to use and straightforward. It may not have any fancy features, but it has low fees, so tickets may also be cheaper if you can find them there.

Bottom line, it pays off checking both portals when about to get a ticket.​

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