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You probably navigated to this site from http://www.visitnewportbeach.com.  Welcome!  This is a site for tourists, new residents, and local adventurers to learn more about the Legends of Newport as well as provide 1st hand accounts of their own encounters!

A little background
Since the founding of Newport Beach in 1892, in the heart of the "California Riviera" in Orange County, California, it has become home to some of the most fabulous members of modern society.  Unfortunately, due to the reclusive nature of some of these individuals, it can be difficult to learn all there is to know about them when visiting the area on a vacation.  Additionally, it can prove quite dangerous to ply the streets of Newport without the proper background information on some of its most famous inhabitants.  Luckily, a lot of tribal knowledge has been gathered and passed down from generation to generation, and now it's been gathered here for your quick reference!

The Legends of Newport!
The legends themselves are very unique and we've dedicated an entire profiles section where you can browse about and take in the full glory that is... the Legends of Newport.

  • Encounters with a Legend Blog
    Aside from the simple directory-style page with information on each of the legends, our visitors thought it would be best to provide anecdotes straight from the mouths of guests who have actually observed the Legends of Newport.  Well you asked for it folks, and here it is!

    (The most recent entries are listed here, but we'll continue to store an entire Encounters with a Legend Archive)

    If you have an story of your own that you'd like to see added to the collection, please submit it so that we can share it with the world.

    Recent Posts
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