Welcome NCFCers!

I worked hard trying to get a demo out by ncfc. It may be a short demo, but I hope you enjoy it and look forward to further updates. Sorry the booth isn't to special, I spent all my time making the game.  If you need to contact me, I'm usually in the irc channel at irc://irc.kbfail.net/ncfc

~Planned Features~
  • The ability to choose your colour, and more colour options than the original four.
  • Able to save your progress while in a dungeon. In case someone disconnects, you can continue where you left off.
  • A shop, where you can spend your earned rupees to buy new tunic colours and stages.
  • Three different types of stages:
    • Dungeon stages; A normal stage where you must co-operate and reach the end of the dungeon.
    • Mini stages; This are usually some type of minigame where you compete against each other.
    • Battle stages; Are PvP(Player vs Player) stages where the goal is to defeat the other players in battle, the player with the highest kill count wins.