Legend of Zelda Campaign Setting

This is the page dedicated to creating a wiki of zelda history and content for making a highly detailed campaign setting in The Legend of Zelda

I will be sure to present material helpful in planning a campaign, and making a fun, Zelda style game for all ages.

Disclaimer: I do not own in whole or in part, The Legend of Zelda, any of the games, physical or intellectual property so as it pertains to this website. The Owner of "The Legend of Zelda" is Nintendo Corporation.

This world is beloved by many, and it lends itself so well to fantasy story telling in a Pen and Paper setting. The point of a story is to have fun; challenges are a form of fun, but getting legalistic is not my objective.

The Official Storyline has been released, and while I respect it, and admire it, I diverge from it several times in my campaign setting. This is for two reasons: To give hardcore zelda-buffs a little bit of surprise; and of course to make it a little more coherent to the things I've added.Book Light - product available, not made or sold my me

Yes, I've added things. As great as this is, its slightly lacking in things for a game like Pathfinder; namely, in the number of Gods and that the depth of the world does not go into the Zora Culture, or into any countries other than the one the current game takes place in, often Hyrule. There aren't enough characters to make it a full world, despite the depth of the characters that are there. So, I add them where needed. This is just to hold the game together, and if you're running your own campaign, feel free to call it, "That City by the sea when you go left 3 screens from the start." and "The bottle guy", if you like.

I'm running a Great Ocean campaign right now, and it involves a great deal from the other games, but it will primarily be focused on that goal, as this is also for my players' reference.