Legendeld's Stories
Decided to move my story links over to this page.

Alone                            An Overlooked Flaw                     A Trick or Treat              Boston

Civil War                        Closet                                         Dirty                               Esteem Roller

Fashion Support            First Date                                    Happy Thanksgiving      Homecoming 

Home Schooled              It happens                                   Justice                           Legacy

Lesson Learned1-3       Lesson Learned 4-6                     Merry Christmas             Mud

Of Metal and Men         Out With Her Eyes                         Paint                              Pause In Life

Pink Cynic                     Pizza King Joke                            Prodigal Son                  Revenge

Run                               Sorrow                                          Stranger                        Tall Like Me

That was Daria              The Crow- Daria Ascension         Three                            Touch of Madness

What Was Lost              Who are you                                  Who Died                     Zen and The Cynic 

Prolog to Earthfall         Lesson Learned Final                    Surprises                     Breed

How do you do it?          Starting Over                               Could Have Been          My Sons

EarthFall                         Continue                                      Starting Over (Danielle)


Red = Graphic content.

Green = Personal Favorite.

Blue= Excusive.

Purple=Excusive unfinished dropped stories.