Conference Program, PowerPoints, and Handouts

Conference on the Pedagogy of Legal Writing, March 15-17, 2007

Thursday, March 15, 2007 

Models for Teaching Legal Writing

Moderator:  Emily Zimmerman (Drexel) 

Bibliography (prepared by Emily Zimmerman) 

Separate writing courses taught by full-time faculty,Mimi Samuel (Seattle U.)

Separate writing courses taught by practicing attorneys, Suzanne Rabe (University of Arizona)

Legal writing incorporated in other courses,Grace Tonner (University of Michigan)

Legal writing taught as part of clinical courses,Theodora Webale (Law Development Centre) 


How Your Institution Helps Students Develop Their Legal    Writing Skills 

Moderator:  Laurel Oates (Seattle)

Small group leaders:          

Edwin Abuya, Moi University
Olugbenga Oke-Samuel, Adekunle Ajasin University
Henry Mutai, Moi University
Daniel Ruhweza, Makerere University
Kathleen Burch, John Marshall
Emily Zimmerman, Drexel

          The Limits of Transplanting U.S. Models of Teaching Legal           Writing to Other Countries

               Adam Todd (Univ. of Baltimore) and Matthew Cavell (Haramaya                                       University), PowerPoint


           Product vs. Process Approach to Teaching Legal Writing                           Nancy Soonpaa (Texas Tech), PowerPoint

           Designing Effective Legal Writing Assignments
                 Tracy McGaugh (South Texas), PowerPoint


                 Teaching to Students with Different Learning Styles, Kathleen                      Burch (John Marshall) 

          Teaching Students to Draft Legislation, Zecharias Fassil (Haramaya                       University), PowerPoint

                  Old Tricks in New Packages:  Using Classical Rhetoric to               Teach Students the Techniques of Persuasion, Suzanne Rabe                       (Arizona), PowerPoint

          Back to Basics: Effective Legal Communication.  Richard M.                           Kariuki (University of Nairobi School of Law), PowerPoint

                 Teaching Students to Draft Agreements, Michele Butts (John Marshall)

 Friday, March 16, 2007


        The Lawyering Skill of Organization as Taught Through                 Legal Writing Programs, Jana McCreary (Texas Wesleyan), PowerPoint

               Teaching Students to Write Effective Paragraphs and                  Sentences, Lisa Hatlen (Marquette University), PowerPoint, Stuffed Sentences Exercise,                  Stuffed Sentences Answer Key 

               Teaching Students to Write Concisely and Precisely, Janet                             Dickson (Seattle University), PowerPoint 

        Critiquing Student Work, Grace Tonner (University of Michigan)


        Conducting Effective Conferences, Steve Johansen (Lewis & Clark),                              PowerPoint 


        Putting Legal Writing into a Larger Context:  The                        Importance of Effective Legal Writing in the Advancement of        Human Rights and the Rule of Law, George Kasozi (Uganda Christian                     University) and Tefferi Yishak Kassa (Mekelle University), PowerPoint, G. Kasozi Final Paper
            G. Kasozi Summary of Paper

        Teaching Legal Research, Laurel Oates (Seattle University) and Edwin Abuya (Moi              University), PowerPoint 


        Using Collaborative Learning and Peer Critiques, Catherine                            Wasson  (Widener,  CollaborativeLearning-Wasson.doc, and Paula Hamann (John Marshall),
                P. Hamann Peer Critique Exercise



Saturday, March 17, 2007


           Learning Theory:  Selecting the Best Teaching Method, Kirsten                Dauphinais (University of North Dakota)


       Teaching Students to Draft Letters to Clients, Mimi Samuel (Seattle                 University) and Scola Nafuna (Nkumba University), PowerPoint, Sample Client Letter 

            The Ethics of Legal Writing, Lyn Goering (Washburn University) and Carol                         Langford  (McGeorge   College of the Pacific), PowerPoint


       The Contribution of Clinical Legal Education to Effective            Legal Writing, Tewodros Alefe (Mekelle University) and Olugbenga Oke- Samuel                         (Adekunle Ajasin University), T. Alefe PowerPoint


            Final Session:  Where Do We Go From Here?, Moderators:  Laurel Oates             and Mimi Samuel (Seattle University)