Conference on the Pedagogy 

of Legal Writing for 

Legal Academics in Africa 

Nairobi, Kenya, March 15-17, 2007 

Conference Sponsors

Seattle University School of Law

Legal Writing Institute

Association of Legal Writing Directors

Westlaw International

LEXIS-NEXIS Butterworths



The Conference on the Pedagogy of Legal Writing for Academics in Africa took place on March 15-17, 2007, at the Fairview Hotel in Nairobi, Kenya.Approximately 30 Africans from seven countries representing 11 academic institutions, several Legal Aid Clinics, and two Bar Societies attended.In addition, 20 academics from the United States, representing 15 law schools traveled to Nairobi for  the conference.Keynote speakers included Camille DeJorna, Associate Consultant for the American Bar Association’s Section on Legal Education, and Okech Owiti, Dean of Nairobi University Faculty of Law.

This website is intended primarily for the participants at the conference; however, if you are an academic in the U.S. or in Africa who is interested in promoting the effective teaching of legal writing and the exchange of ideas among U.S. and African  academics, please feel free to use these resources.  If you are interested in attending future conferences, please contact Mimi Samuel at Seattle University School of Law.

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Join APPEAL: APPEAL is a new organization that grew out of the Conference on the Pedagogy of Legal Writing for Academics in Africa.  APPEAL is dedicated to promoting the exchange of ideas, information, and resources about the teaching of legal writing and effective advocacy among academics in the United States and academics in Africa.  For more information and for a registration form, click here.

Evaluation FormIf you did not turn in an evaluation form at the conference, you can download one here and return it to Mimi.

Participant List:  You can find an updated participant list here.

Presentations, PowerPoints, and Handouts:  Copies of PowerPoint presentations and handouts from the conference sessions can be found here.