This litigation arises out of a Freedom of Information request initiated by one Aidan Monaghan

("Monaghan"), which was denied by the Federal Bureau of Investigation ("FBI"), in relation to

records pertaining the airplane debris from the four airplanes that were hijacked by terrorists and

crashed into the World Trade Center, the Pentagon, and a field in Shanksville, Pennsylvania on

September 11, 2001.


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Monaghan's Pauper Application

Filed December 4, 2007


Pauper Application Denied

January 4, 2008


Monaghan Complaint

Filed January 23, 2008


Monaghan Motion for Injunction

Filed January 28, 2008


Monaghan Amended Complaint

Filed  February 1, 2008

FBI Motion to Extend Time

Filed March 14, 2008


FBI Motion Granted

March 17, 2008


Monaghan Response to FBI Motion (after motion was already granted)

Filed March 19, 2008


FBI Answer to Amended Complaint and Motion to Dismiss

Filed April 14, 2008


Monaghan Response to FBI Answer

Filed  April 18, 2008


Monaghan "Memorandum of Points and Authorities"

Filed April 23, 2008


Docket Entry July15, 2008

                NOTICE of Hearing on (12) MOTION for Preliminary Injunction; and (32) MOTION to

                Dismiss:  Oral Argument on the referenced motions is scheduled for 8/18/2008 09:00 AM 

                in LV Courtroom 7D before Judge Robert C. Jones.  


             Docket Entry August 12, 2008

             MINUTE ORDER IN CHAMBERS of the Honorable Judge Robert C. Jones, on 8/12/2008.  By 

             Deputy Clerk:  K. Goetsch.  Based on scheduling needs of the Court, IT IS ORDERED the oral

             argument RE: (12) MOTION for Preliminary Injunction; and (32) MOTION to Dismiss, is 

             hereby RESCHEDULED to for 9/15/2008 10:00 AM in LV Courtroom 7D before Judge 

             Robert  C. Jones.


Monaghan "Exhibits"

Filed August 22, 2008

Note:  these "Exhibits" are not appended to any document and appear to relate to a 

separate FOIA request involving the NTSB, not the FBI.


Monaghan Motion to Continue

(Request for adjournment of September 15, 2008 argument) 

Filed August 22, 2008


Monaghan Motion for Summary Judgment

November 3, 2008


FBI Motion for Summary Judgment

November 16, 2008


Order Dismissing Monaghan Motion and Granting FBI Motion

February 17, 2009

Docket Report

Updated September 25, 2009

 Another "Truther" legal failure.