Martian in the Court

Kevin Ryan v. UL 

William Rodriquez v.       USA and 155 others
All who annoy him
Field McConnell v. Boeing

Morgan Reynolds          "No Planes"

Judy Wood               "Space Beams"

Jeff Boss v. FBI

Monaghan v. FBI

Siegel v. Shafquat Truther v Truther

Birthers v. Obama      Orly Taitz

Truthers v. NYC         Truthers CANT

Truther greed and delusion writ large




Litigation is serious business.    Very serious business.  But that is not to say that those
of us who toil late into the night in cavernous law libraries full of weighty tomes, who
conduct painstaking, exhaustive and exhausting research on an obscure point of law,
who delve willingly into minutiae to ascertain the interpretation of a document based
upon the placement of a seemingly unintended comma, in order to argue skilfully,
rationally, and passionately in court - even though there is always a 50% chance that
our argument will not convince the trier of fact - do not have well honed senses of humour.
While the law is serious business, there are numerous occasions when hilarity strikes
in the otherwise solemn conduct of legal affairs. 

There is a plethora of books dedicated to courtroom gaffes and goofs, witness blunders
and bloopers, lawyer mis-steps and mistakes, and judicial jabs and jests.  There are
myriad books and websites dedicated to lawyer jokes. 

This site is not about that kind of legal humour.

Rather, this site is for the kind of humour that I call Legaltainment™.  I coined the term
so I get to define it.  That's a rule.  And if it isn't, it should be.

Legaltainment™ includes whatever I personally find entertaining in the broad expanse
of the legal world, but is characterized at this stage of its infancy by the identification
and dissemination of lawsuits that provide amusement for their frivolity, vexatiousness,
and the amount of woo they include in court filings.

Legaltainment™ also includes finding amusement in seeing what happens to woo peddlers
when reality smacks them upside the head in the real world of the law.