Telegram Sent by Tibetan Cabinet (Kashag) to the British Government, December 3, 1949

As Tibet being an Independent state we have no danger from other foreign countries but in view of the spread of Communism and their successes in China, there is now an imminent danger of Communist aggression towards Tibet.

As all the world knows that Tibet and Communist China cannot have any common sympathy by reason of religion and principles of life which are just the opposite, therefore in order to defend our country against impending threat of Communist invasion and also to preserve our future independence and freedom, we consider it most essential for Tibet to secure admission of her membership in the United Nations General Assembly.

We are sending [a] special mission to Great Britain in this connection but, in the meantime we shall be most grateful to you and His Majesty's Govt [sic] if you would kindly help us and place our humble appeal to the United Nations immediately through your good office so that Tibet could take her place in the United Nation [sic] as a member state.

Kindly take immediate action and wire reply.

Kashag (Cabinet Ministry of Tibet Lhasa)

FO 371-76314

Source: Shakya, Tsering; The Dragon In the Land of Snow; 1999; Columbia University Press; pp. 17-18.