Letter from Tibetan Government to New Communist Government in China, November 1, 1949

Tibet is a peculiar [unique] country where the Buddhist religion is widely flourishing and which is predestined to be ruled by the Living Buddha or Mercy or Chenresig [the Dalai Lama].  As such, Tibet has, from the earliest times up to now, been an independent country whose political administration has never been taken over by any Foreign Country; and Tibet also defended her own territories from Foreign invasions and always remained a religious nation.

In view of the fact that Chinghai [Qinghai] and Sikiang [Xikang, western Kham], etc, are being situated on the borders of Tibet, we would like to have an assurance that no Chinese troops would cross the Tibetan frontier from the Sino-Tibetan border, or any such Military action.  Therefore please issue strict orders to those Civil and Military Officers stationed on the Sino-Tibetan border in accordance with the above request, and kindly have an early response so that we can be assured.

As regards those Tibetan territories annexed as part of Chinese territories come years back, the government of Tibet would desire to open negotiation after the settlement of the Chinese Civil War.

FO 371-76317

Source: Shakya, Tsering; The Dragon In the Land of Snow; 1999; Columbia University Press; pp. 17-18.