Legal Coalition for Copyright Reform (LCCR)


We are a group of retired and practicing lawyers, law school professors, legal analysts, and concerned citizens who all share a common bond and goal: To promote and help facilitate the widespread and much-needed reform of the U.S. Copyright Act.  We are tired of the rampant abuse of the legal system and unchecked infringement upon the personal rights of privacy and free speech that the current copyright laws allow.  By enforcing an unfair law, the Copyright Act, Federal Judges throughout the United States have allowed an entire industry of copyright trolls and copyright defense trolls to feed off of those who share or use content, to proliferate.  The copyright trolls file case after case against thousands of unnamed “John Doe” defendants, many of whom are completely innocent and have been wrongly accused.  The copyright defense trolls trick unsuspecting individuals in a vulnerable position, having been just sued, to hire them to “defend” them in the copyright case.  Charging these individuals more money to “settle” or “defend” a case.  Not a single motion to quash in thousands of these Doe cases has been granted.  Two sets of lawyers on opposite sides, both taking money from people. 


What’s worse than the fat-cat movie execs (and their scumbag lawyers) suing people for downloading their movies so they can stop file sharing and make more money?  Each and every law firm that has actually charged money – sometimes as much as a couple hundred dollars -- to defend file sharers.  Some of these lawyers have even are aggressively going after John Doe clients, trying to cash in on the mass copyright craze and get their share of the pie. 


These lawyers pretend to be on our side, but they are actually just trying to make a quick and easy buck like the movie studios.  If they are so against the mass litigation being pursued by the copyright trolls, then why are they charging to represent Does?  Because they view the state of the copyright law as a good thing—a chance to make money off of the innocent file sharers. 


The EFF published a so-called list of Attorney offering assistance, but these lawyers are the worst, because they are charging innocent infringers huge legal fees to try to settle or defend their claims.  In reality, all of the people represented by these people could have settled their claims and saved hundreds or thousands of dollars by just calling the copyright trolls themselves and trying to negotiate a settlement.  They would get the same result but wouldn’t have to pay these so-called defense attorneys.  The EFF has done nothing to curb the abuse of the legal system by copyright trolls except to help greedy defense lawyers get business out of this too.


The solution?  This website. 


LCCR’s legal team has created this website as a one-stop-shop resource for anyone accused of downloading a movie (either regular or porn).  The goal of the LCCR is to provide enough information (by TO SETTLE OR NOT? and FAQ) about mass copyright litigation to allow people accused of downloading a movie to resolve this problem themselves, without having to hire defense counsel and paying the costs of legal defense too.