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Below is a current list of the Google+ LVUG Members. If you have a blog or website you would like included here on the members' list, please send me the link (+Tessa Keough on Google+).
To stay in contact with and to be able to ask for or offer assistance with Legacy Family Tree software questions, consider creating a Google+ LVUG Circle to include all of your fellow LVUG Members. Alternatively, we will update the LVUG Circle on a regular basis and share it with LVUG Members in the Google+ Stream. You can simply update your LVUG Circle from there (it is pretty painless as Google will check for duplicates). 
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G+ User NameBlog or Website
G+ User NameBlog or Website
+Barbara Gallagher  
+Barbara McCarthy  
+Barry Kline  
+Beverly Brown  
+Candace Wilmot  
+Carol Stevens Reflections From The Fence 
+Cathy Pinner  
+Cheri Hudson Passey  
+Cheryl Palmer  
+Cheryl Rothwell  
+Chris Seens  
+Denise Coughlin  
+Diana Sereda  
+Dianne Arnold  
+Donna Cummins  
+Doug Williams  
+Ed Walsh  
+Fred Trail  
+Geoff Rasmussen  
+Ginger Smith  
+Jana Last  
+Janet Watroba  
+Jeffrey Vaillant  
+Jenny Moorman Davis  
+Jill Jones-Lazuka  
+Jodi Roessler  
+John Buck  
+Joyce Herzog Drinkwater One-Name Study 
+Joyce Lunde  
+Judith Richards Shubert Genealogy Traces 
+Kathryn Lake Hogan  
+Kathy Meyer  
+Ken McKinlay  
+Kevin Schmitt  
+Lincoln Mulkey  
+Linda Hauley  
+Linda McCauley Documenting the Details 
+Lise Embley  
+Marilyn Clement  
+Marilyn Poole  
+Mary Trogg  
+M. Diane Rogers  
+Melanie Armstrong  
+Mike James  
+Nira Porter Chambliss  
+Pat Kuhn  
+Randolph Clark  
+Rick Koelz  
+Ronald Howell  
+Ron Bernier  
+Sharon Byrd Burris  
+Sherri Hessick  
+Sherry Holthe  
+Susan Clark Nolichucky Roots 
+Susan Park  
+Taco Goulooze all makes census 
+Terry Laraman  
+Tessa Keough The Keough Corner 
+Valerie Hansen  
+Virginia Hause  
+Virginia Kysh  
+Wendy Howard Wendy's Web Site 
Showing 62 items