Interest Survey

We created a Interest Survey to gauge interest in using Google+ Hangouts as a virtual Legacy Users' Group meeting room.
  The Survey asks questions about your experience with Hangouts, your current use of Legacy Family Tree software, which parts of Legacy you use, which parts you would like to learn more about and/or see demonstrated, and what other corresponding programs you would like to learn more about. If you have not already done so, please take a moment and fill out the Survey. Your answers to the Survey questions will give us a better sense of topics and timing for future LVUG Hangouts

Please feel free to share with us what you hope to learn, share and/or discuss in the LVUG Hangout setting. To access the Survey, please click here.

You can see what others had to say here at the Initial Survey Results. We will be updating the Results when we receive additional responses. Thanks for helping us make our Legacy Virtual Users' Group member driven.