About Our Group

The Legacy Virtual Users' Group is a loosely organized band of Legacy Family Tree Software fans, using a variety of Google resources to work together toward a better understanding of our chosen genealogy database software. 

(1)  We now have a LVUG Google+ Community. When you are on Google+ go to Communities and search for Legacy Virtual Users' Group Community. Then click on Join (the red box) and you are set. Read the Guidelines, introduce yourself and then join in the conversation - on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. There will be plenty of interaction and lots of folks sharing tips, tricks, suggestions, asking and answering questions and sharing their Legacy knowledge. This is the place to be for real time discussion.

(2) We also have a LVUG Google+ Page - Go to our Page on Google+ and click Follow. We will then update our Google+ LVUG Circle and you will be "in the loop." 

(3)  We have a LVUG Google Site - If you are reading this, you have arrived at our LVUG Site! Here we will keep you informed of announcements, meeting dates and topics, and members. This Site also serves as the place for any LVUG documents (handouts and helpful tips) as well as links to Legacy's videos/webinars and links to our LVUG monthly presentations (in slide format).   

(3)  We have a monthly meeting via a LVUG Hangout - Our Legacy Virtual Users' Group currently meets once each month (on the third Thursday for 60 minutes) via a Google+ Hangout-on-Air (no need to brave traffic, find parking, or do anything but sit in front of your computer!). 
Each meeting features a 20 minute presentation related to the function and use of a particular Legacy feature followed by a 40 minute question & answer session and general discussion of the current topic. 

Come hangout with us and learn more about Legacy, share your knowledge of Legacy, and meet up with other Legacy users.  
We have Google Hangouts-On-Air (HOA) capability which means that we can have up to ten attendees in the Hangout (JOINers) and an unlimited number of attendees (VIEWers). Our Hangouts will be recorded and placed on YouTube (see How-to Videos tab at left for links). If you are unable to attend live for some reason, know that you can still attend via the recorded Hangouts.

The Legacy Virtual Users' Group is an independent organization. We are not affiliated with either Millennia Corporation or Legacy Family Tree Software, although we do tend to like their software.

You can contact us by posting at our LVUG Community on Google+ (just post in the stream).