Like traveling in a time machine, you landed on this page because we originally set up a Site here on Google for our Legacy Virtual Users' Group Community (that was a few years ago!) Most everything here is from our first year (it's old, times have changed, technology has zoomed ahead, Legacy Version 8 came out!). Consider this Site our Archives.

Once Google introduced Google+ we moved all the action to our Legacy Virtual Users' Group (LVUG) Community on Google+. There you will find posts, videos, our recorded hangouts, short video tutorials, questions and answers, and interaction on a daily basis.

If you have not already joined, please head on over to Google+ Communities and check it out (use the link above). Our LVUG Community is a great place to interact in real time and meet up with other Legacy Family Tree software users.  

We won't be updating this Site but we do keep the Webinar Calendar link up-to-date (the magic of Google and Dear Myrtle). Please make the trip over to our LVUG Community at Google+ - Thanks.

Webinar Calendar
NOTE: Legacy Family Tree Webinars are shown in red, all others in blue.