Welcome to the Star Trek Legacy Website, a 15 year old play by email role-playing game.

If you are interested in joining, we are currently actively recruiting. Please see the Crew Manifest for openings. Please email the webmistress with all character concepts. A sample bio template can be found here

The writers for Star Trek: Legacy are all adults who have many years of experience in play-by-email. We are looking for a fairly high calibre of writer who is interested in exploring the darker side of the Trek universe. Because of this, an age minimum of 18 is advised, although not enforced. We have a posting minimum of once every two weeks, to cater for the busy lifestyles of many of the players. Most of the writers tend to write several posts a week, more because they want to, than because they have to. The game is run via Google groups. 

In addition to the Artemis, some players have a second character on the 'flip side'- We run a parallel story in the Maquis, which has grown more powerful since the end of the Bajoran Occupation. In what can be described as a 'sister game', the Maquis storyline runs side-by-side with the current plot, crossing infrequently. It was started to cater for people who wanted to write more often than the often slower pace of the main plot allows.

We recognise that characters with flaws tend to be the most interesting and we enjoy new characters coming into the game who already have an idea for a rich background sub-plot. 

Alternatively, click on the Dedication Plaque to learn more about the players themselves.

*Ascension Class mesh by markkingsnorth.com