Welcome to our storytelling circle site. This is the official site for the Legacy Storytelling Circle. If you would like to visit to see what we do and perhaps become a member, here are the details and contact information you need:

Legacy Storytelling Circle
meets 2nd Friday of the month at 9:00am to 12 noon
all are welcome - OK to come and go to fit your schedule
College of Lake County's Southlake Campus 1120 S. Milwaukee Ave., Vernon Hills, IL 60061
Directions: http://www.clcillinois.edu/aboutclc/southlake_directions.asp
(stop in the admin office for current room assignment if no sign posted)
Contact: Wes Bucey 224-558-8039, wesbucey@gmail.com, or Jim Decker 847-367-0182 doubledeckers8@sbcglobal.net


Many first timers are a little intimidated about coming to a storytelling guild or circle.  They say, "Wow!  I don't know any stories.  People will laugh at me."

Actually, nothing could be further from the truth. Most guilds or circles, especially ours, are always eager to have "newbies" visit.  It gives us old timers a chance to help those newbies learn how to tell their own stories (there as as many different styles of storytelling as there are storytellers!)  More importantly, it gives us a chance to have a fresh audience!  In a typical meeting, we may have some members tell structured stories they hope to perform before a paying audience,but a large part of our membership is made up of folks who are not professionals telling stories for money.  We share stories from our childhood or life events, stories that we tell to relatives and younger generations, hence the name and primary purpose of our circle: the Legacy Storytelling Circle.  We want to pass down not only our own legacies, but the legacy of storytelling, itself, an activity dating back thousands of years to our ancestors who passed down stories from generation to generation long before the invention of the written word.

As of March 4, 2013, this is a website "under construction"
In the following days, weeks, months, and years, we will add to the site to include stories, opportunities, links to storytelling resources, and other interesting information for folks interested in listening to or telling stories.

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