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We were very lucky to have lots of help from our families for the wedding.  That said, it doesn't mean we can't critique them!!  :)

 Ceremony/Reception Site: Columbia Manor

We were very happy with Columbia Manor.  Marc (the main contact for the building) was super laid back and very good at getting back to me when I emailed him.  The building is so beautiful and we even moved the ceremony inside at the last minute because we loved the porch so much!  The only thing we weren't crazy about is that we had to choose from three of their caterers and there was only one choice for alcohol.  But there was no minimum, so we couldn't complain too much.  The building is also pretty reasonably priced for Minneapolis.


Caterer: Prom Catering

We were a little nervous going with Prom because we had heard mixed reviews about them- but we were happily surprised.  We worked with Carolina and she was a total sweetheart and professional.  She answered my emails promptly and was easy to work with.  The day of service was great and we were really happy with Prom overall.

 Guest Book: Sweet Memories 

This was one of my favorite parts of my wedding!  I was worried that people wouldn't get into scrapbooking, but I was waaaayyy wrong!  Everyone loved it- so much so that it was hard to get people out on the dance floor because they were all waiting in line to get their picture taken and make a page for us.  I love our scrapbook and I love that we have something that was made by our guests specifically for us on our wedding day.  It's also hilarious!  I brought in a box of props (boa, cowboy hats, sunglasses, mustaches, etc.) and the pictures turned out soooo funny!

  Photographers: Ron and Corina

We went with two non-professionals for our wedding because of money issues.  Ron is my brother in law and has shot at weddings before.  Corina is a friend who studied photography and has also shot a couple weddings.  We were very happy with how both sets of pictures turned out and couldn't have asked for better pictures!  Contact me if you are interested in their info-

Favorite shots of Ron's:

Favorite pictures of Corina's:

 Officiant: Judge Tom Armstrong 

Judge Armstrong has a great website for planning your wedding.  He has sample ceremonies, vows, readings, hand ceremonies, unity candle lighting ceremonies, etc.  He was very good at responding to emails and very helpful in general.  He has done thousands of weddings, so we really liked that he knew what he was doing- he even helped us when we were confused on how to roll out the aisle runner! 

DJ Equipment: EMI 

 We decided to do our own music for the ceremony and reception.  EMI had all of the equipment that we were looking for at a good price.  They were easy to work with and let you keep everything for 5 days so that there is no rush to get it all back on time.

For all my other reviews (dress, suit, flowers, invites, etc.) check out "Vendor Info" on the left.