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We're lucky enough to be able to use lots of friends and family for our wedding, but there are hopefully a couple vendors here that people would be interested in!


Caterer: Prom Catering

We only had three choices through our site and Prom was the cheapest- sorry to say that that is how we chose!  We've had a good experience so far and Carolina is a total sweetheart.  We're having the vegetarian lasagna and it's soooo yummy!  Very fresh!

Cake: My aunt!

We didn't think that we would be able to use my aunt because she isn't licensed, but Prom said that she can do it as long as we sign a waiver!  Yay!  She made my sister's wedding cake and has taken lots of cake decorating classes.  We're really only looking for something really simple anyway, so this will work out perfectly.

Ring: Arthur's

To get ideas for what I like, FI and I went ring shopping in a mall.  We figured that it would be easiest since there are about 12 stores in a concentrated area.  The problem, I didn't really find anything that I liked.  After about 5 minutes at Arthur's, I had already found 3 that I was in love with.  They have a great selection of gemstone rings (I got a pink tourmaline).  We worked with Jeremiah and he's great!  Definitely ask to work with him!

Florist: My sister (and me)

We're doing felted knit flowers!  It's very different, but I like being different and I'm excited for how these are turning out.  As a backup, we would go to the farmer's market or a grocery store.

Officiant: Tom Armstrong

We haven't really had much contact with Tom but his website is really informative and he's done something like 2,000 weddings, so I'm not worried!  Plus, his prices are reasonable. ($250)

Photographer: My Brother-in-law and an arsty friend

This is the one thing that I am a little sad about.  I would really love to have Barclay as I'm totally in LOVE with him, but it wasn't in the budget.  My BIL has taken pictures at a bunch of weddings and will do a nice job.  The friend is actually a friend of a friend, but we met with her and she's great!  She's taken pictures at 5 weddings and we liked her work- and her price!

DJ: Ipod/Computer

I'm hoping this works out well.  I think we're going to rent some equipment from EMI in Northeast Minneapolis.  Possibly some lights too.

Bridal dress: Dena Marie's in Roseville

I found my dress totally by accident.  There is a Joann Fabrics in the same strip mall as this store and I was headed there when I decided to just stop by and browse the dresses.  Turns out that they were having a $99 sale and I ended up finding my dress!  It was fate!  The service was good and I think they had a pretty good selection.  I can't honestly say too much as I really only tried on the $99 dresses and was pretty self sufficient. 

Groom's suit: JC Penny

We headed over to JCPenny after a trip to the Men's Warehouse where we were only shown $400 suits (umm hello??  that's more than my dress!).  We ended up getting two suits for only $119 a piece!   Definitely a good option for anyone looking to buy a suit for the wedding.

Save the Dates: Vistaprint

We were very happy with Vistaprint!  The prices were great and so was the quality!

Invitations: Anchor Paper & Paper Depot

We found our paper and idea for the invites at Paper Depot.  We bought some of the paper there but also some at Anchor Paper.  We got our R.S.V.P. postcards through Vistraprint and they worked out great!

Guest book: Sweet Memories

I'm super excited for this!  Sweet Memories comes and sets up a camera and a table with scrapbooking materials.  They take pictures of your guests and print them off right away and then help them decorate a scrapbook page with the picture!  So cool!  We're also going to put a box of "props" near the picture area so people can feel free to get crazy if they want! (think feather boas, cowboy hats, fake mustaches, etc.)