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We got our STD's from Vistaprint and were very happy with how they turned out.   (sorry it's sorta blurry)


We're going to make our own invitations with paper from Paper Depot and Anchor paper.  Here's a mock up (really just an idea of how the paper looks):


They ended up not having more of our paper at either Paper Depot or Anchor Paper, so we decided to go with two different invites!  Here are the mock ups, but don't pay attention to the wording/fonts and they will both be printed on vellum like the one on the left:

 We also just got our R.S.V.P.s that we ordered through Vistaprint and I LOVE them!  The colors are perfect!


 Here's a close up of the wording on the R.S.V.P. 


Me at my invite making party!

I'll post pictures of the final product when we finish them!