Married Bio!

(My planning bio: Our wedding page )

Our day went great!  Other than the whole rain thing.... 

***All pictures taken by one of my WONDERFUL photographers,

Ron Wilbur or Corina Bernstein***

Getting ready!

The girls got ready at my apartment.











A good picture of my hair.  I thought it was very vintage with pincurls.


Last minute prep to finish up some decorations.  Thanks Martha Stuart!


The final look!  I look almost washed out here, but it looks good in all the other pictures!


My bridesmaid helping me with my necklace.


The boys had to set up the ceremony and reception hall while we were getting pretty!


FI preparing the mic for the ceremony.


That's my brother and his 7 month old daughter!

It was then time to have a our first meeting of the day!!!


Getting my dress on- fixing those girls!






Of course a little dancing was necessary!

Pictures outside!  In the rain!    

It started raining as soon as I walked out of my apartment to head off to the ceremony site.  But I was determined to take pictures outside anyway!  Get out the umbrellas!  We took pictures down by the Mississippi River at Boom Island Park and then across the river at a different park (I don't know the name).




















Then it was time to head back for portraits and family pictures.




My dad passed away almost 4 years ago and I wanted to have him with my on my wedding day so I found this bracelet to wear. There were four pictures on it and I thought it was perfect.  I had pictures of me and my dad (the one you can see), my grandparents (my grandma passed away in February), my family, and the last one was my favorite picture of John and me.


My niece!


With my mom.


Flowers girl with her ribbon kissing ball.


Then it was time for the ceremony!


I love everyone who is looking back to check what's going on.

Below: This was the best moment ever- walking down the aisle to the smiling faces of my loved ones!  

It was so surreal.




I hugged my grandpa and then my mom (who was waiting for me at the end of the aisle) before heading over to John.



My mom reading Corinthians from a Bible she borrowed from some guy after forgetting her reading at home.  She then proceeded to read too far and awkwardly stop and say "Uhh, I think I went too far.  So that's it!"



We did a modified hand ceremony (no binding or anything).


One on my FAVORITE pictures from the whole wedding!!!  I love our faces!



First kiss!  We're married!





And then we mingled and ate!

We used movies that were special to us instead of table numbers.  John wrote a funny little diddy to put on the back of each picture on why it was special/why we chose that particular movie.  He's a HUGE movie freak, so this was definitely right up his alley.  The little business cards were our picture uploading cards- it didn't work very well for us, I think only 3 people actually ended up uploading anything.





We're talking to my aunt who made our cake for us- asking how to best cut the cake!






And then it was time to dance and scrapbook!!

First dance to "Destiny" by Zero 7 (sung by Sia- who we LOVE).



My mom/daughter dance to "Color my World" by Chicago (it is my parent's song).


Mother/Son dance to "Forever Young" by Bob Dylan.






I loved having the projector to play with!

Scrapbooking was tons of fun!  Everyone got super into it!



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