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I have to admit it, I'm totally not a girly girl when it comes to flowers.  I really am not that crazy about them.  Don't get me wrong, I think they are pretty, but I'm just not a flower girl.  I originally thought that I would just get my flowers from the farmer's market and DIY some bouquets.  But then after asking the knotties for some ideas, I came up with the idea of....... using felted knit flowers! My sister is a big knitter and was CRAZY for this idea when I brought it up.  She's a pretty quick knitter, so she whipped up four different flowers for me and felted them.  


We decided that we didn't like any of them but the tulip pattern (second from right) .  So I'm going to have felted tulips! 




It still needs to be sewn together so that it's not so floppy.  But I LOVE them!!!  Here's some of the rest before being felted...

Here's my bouquet before being felted...

 And here they are on the bridesmaid dress (to get an idea of how they match)...

And here they are all done!!!  The small ones are for the bouts and the mini orange one is for my niece.

(the ribbons coming out of them are so that there is space left after they are felted to put a wire through so that they stand up by themselves)

They are done being felted!  Here they all are in a vase before being tacked shut and beaded.

And here are some totally done.

I absolutely LOVE how they came out!!  Perfect!!