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 My dress

Here's my dress that I got at a $99  sale!  I love it!  Please excuse the messy apartment- but it was cash and carry so I love to play around my apartment in it!

After the alterations with Louise:

 Check out that butt!!  :)

My sister is a master knitter, so she knit a shrug for me in GREEN!!  I really wanted color in my dress- I was even contemplating getting a green dress but then I found this one.



These are shoe possibilities.  I'm still not 100% sure, so I'm still on the lookout.  I got these on

Although I am pretty set on these as my reception shoes!

I got them on clearance at Macy's!  Yay!

(I like deals in case you haven't noticed!)

Bridesmaid dresses

This was one of the hardest parts of the whole wedding!  I wanted something a little more casual that the girls would actually be able to wear again, that also didn't cost a lot.  Something like that is hard to come by!  We finally found these 7 weeks before the wedding- yes cutting it a little close! (and they actually have to be pre-ordered so we won't get the other one until about a month before the wedding)


That's my sister and flower girl.  I don't think her dress matches very well, so we're going to have to go back to the drawing board for the flower girl dress...

Flower girl dress

We had this dressed picked out..

but once we found the bridesmaid dresses, it didn't match (too many prints!).  So we went to Target and found this one!

 (My niece modeling it.  Isn't she a cutie???)

And then we went to Kohl's and found these two:





 (we obviously can't make up our minds)

Groom's Suit

We bought this suit at JCPenny for $119!  We really wanted to buy FI a suit anyway, so this worked out well.  We also stopped at Men's Warehouse but they only showed us really expensive suits, so we went over to JCPenny and found TWO suits that we ended up getting! (FI looks's not the best picture)