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#1 Question:
I’m new, where should I go first?
Intro To LO

General Questions

What is Leftovers?
Leftovers is conservatively described as a Community Raiding Group. We're a collective of small guilds/larger guilds/individuals who prefer to stay with our smaller guilds/friends/family, and tackle end game content at a pace and schedule that suits us without having to join and apply to raiding guilds.

How do I join your guild?
Ah hah! Remember, we're not a guild. We may have groups that raid as a guild within our system, but guild membership is not a requirement to sign up for our raids.

What server are you on?
In WoW we're on Silver Hand - US. In SWTOR we're on Vrook Lamar - US.

Wait...those are RP realms?
Verily thou dost speaketh the truth. Each of us, for our own individual reasons came to the RP server. No, we don't (necessarily) raid in character, but we do expect people to respect the players that do actively roleplay as well as the rules as they apply to RP realms. We certainly won't boot people for having questionable names, but we will nod politely when people get their names changed by the GMs.

What's your website address?
See that addressbar at the top of the browser? It should say http://leftoversraiding.org :)

How do I contact a Team Lead?
No problem. Look to your left. See that "About Us" link? Click there and scroll to the bottom. You'll see a section talking about Team Leads, along with a link you can use to PM all the members of a given team!

Well, I probably need to talk to a system administrator. I lost my password, don't remember my login and my character needs renaming
Again, no problem. The Team Leads are the system administrators as well. Or, more truthfully, we know where the buttons are - and if it is really a weird question - we can call the guy that knows what the buttons do ;) For most things you can go to one of the Game Teams, but for the really obscure stuff, you should talk directly to tech. Follow the instructions above, and the first one of us to read it will jump on the problem for ya!

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Signup Questions 

How do I sign up? 
Click on the Raids link (top bar). Click on a raid that fits your availability and interests. Click on Sign Up. Select the characters you want, add a note if needed, and click the Quick Signup button. Profit.

What time zone do you guys use? 
Silver Hand and Vrook Lamar Server time, which is PST.

What do the different colors on the calendar mean?
Each colour indicates a different thing, relating to slotting.
Light Yellow (and bold text) = needs more people.  Light Green = on standby or raid not slotted yet. Dark Green = slotted

What's that blue lines every three days?
These note when the instance resets are; every boundary marked with a thick blue line indicates a reset so you know when you're no longer locked out and its a fresh instance.

Can I sign up for more than one raid in one night? 
YES. As many as you want and are interested in. Just don’t sign up for enough such that you fail all your classes, get divorced, or get fired.

Can I sign up with multiple characters? 
Yarr. Just try and be sure they’re max level by raid time (Seriously).

Standby? How do I report in for that? 
Standby is where you’re available to fill a slot in a raid, but were not slotted yourself. How you report in for that somewhat charter dependent. The two most common methods are checking in on /lostandby and messaging a slotted charter lead before raid time. Being courteous greatly increases your chances. Each Charter has an information page (that is viewable when you sign up). That should tell you how the Charter prefers you to report in.

What can I do to improve my chances of being slotted? 
Be courteous, and treat other people with respect. Make yourself known to the charter leads (PM them, or message them in-game). Show up, check in from standby (Probably the single biggest thing you can do), and always be ready for raid with consumables and knowledge of the fights. When you do get slotted or brought in be sure you’re having fun, and helping the others around you do the same.

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Raiding Questions 

Do you guys use Voice Communication? Ventrilo or Teamspeak?
Aye, we do. Both. Many (but not all) Charters use the official LO TeamSpeak server: Click here for TeamSpeak Information.
Some Charters use their own Vent or TS servers; the Charter Description (click Charter Groups on the left nav-bar) will have this information if so.

OMG, do I have to talk? 
Usually? Nope. TS/Vent is mostly used for raid lead communication to the raiders, and it is often beneficial to keep down the chatter. Exceptions to this rule however are some of the more coordination oriented fights where it’s nice to have some people talking on TS. But talking is not usually required for every given raider, just useful. And we all like to sit back and gab once in a while, too. :P Now, that said, some Charters have preferences on your ability to HEAR. Again, please read their Charter information to see if they require such. If you cannot, simply PM them and explain your problem. You'll find they are very understanding chaps most days about these things.

I can hear everyone except the raid lead. How do I fix that?
The TeamSpeak Information thread has information on how some alterations can be made to different voice programs that help with volume issues. 

Do raids have gear requirements?
Depends very much on the raid, but in general, they’re not as important as most people think. Each charter of course handles this differently, but you’ll be able to find one that fits your gear/ability/interests. And if not, maybe its time to form your own charter…

What should I know for a raid? What should I bring? 
That is of course very dependant on what you’re raiding. Each charter will have their own requirements or recommendations, but in general at least read (and understand!) a full strat for each boss expected that night. As for what to bring, that too will depend; but a good raider will have a full complement of consumables should they be necessary. Even if you won’t use them, having them around if needed is GOOD.

What if I suck?
Don't worry. We all did at some point. Leftovers is dedicated to getting as many people into endgame content as possible.
If you are new to the raiding thing--just let us know. We love teaching and bring people to places they never thought they could make it to. We like new raiders--no bad habits to break. And you are someone who can actually use those drops that we are DEing/REing. We would much rather see someone gear up than get a couple more crafting mats.
So long as you are willing to listen we are willing to teach. 

Anything else important to know? 
HAVE FUN. Seriously. Find a charter or group that raid in a style you like and have a good time. Share you good time with others, and try and improve everyone’s time around you.

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Charter Questions 

Is there a list of all charters? 
Yeah, take a look here.

Who leads these suckers? 
From the above page, click a charter and you can get a list of leads. You can also look at this post: Leadership

How far has our group progressed in the most difficult raids? 
You can check individual charter progressions HERE.

I have a guild of 15 players and want to raid with just my guild. Is that ok? 
You can run your charter pretty much how you please. The biggest thing we ask is that you be open about your expectations. There is no specific requirement to have a rotating roster, you can run with the same 10 characters until you either kill each other, or retire. 

So if I ran 8/10 mans with just my guild, what does LO do for me? I don't need people. 
We provide your raiders with flexibility and connections should they want to add to their raiding schedule. What if a couple of your guild members wanted to add other raids a couple times a month. We provide them that flexibility, to fill on short rostered raids, and also allow you to fill empty slots should circumstances necessitate last minute changes.

Sounds cool! I want to start a new charter next week. What do I need? 
There's a forum for charter applications, and you need a few friends to sign on as co-leads for the charter. The 'Leads' will review your application, and as long as we have enough raiders to support a new charter, we'll approve the charter, and get your specific access to the slotting/points system setup.

Why do I need co-leads? 
The last thing we want to see, as a community and an organization, is a failed charter. One of the most common points of failure in our years of experience, is burn-out. By naming co-leads with you, it formalizes an understanding that if you're not available to enter points for the raid that night, that you will have other people with the access and the training to help share the load. We also don't want to see a raid stall and fall apart because the one person who is leading the charter is stuck at work, doing that last minute disposition, or caught in traffic. We don't expect one person to do everything, and hope that by having other people help, it'll keep your in-game time as fun and stress free as possible.

What do you mean 'as long as we have enough raiders to support a new charter'? 
Part of the process when reviewing charter applications is that we review existing raids and the number of active raiders (including/especially those who sign up, but aren't slotted) and see where we sit. If we have 16/25 man raids that have ample signups and people on standby of a good mix of roles, assuming you bring a few bodies with you as a new charter, there's no reason we can't handle a new charter. Where we run into difficulty is when we have charters that are having difficulty in filling existing raids, or if the standby list (again, players who sign up and aren't slotted) is not necessarily balanced. If you bring 8 new players with you, and want to start a new 25 man charter, we can reasonably assume that we as a community need to fill the remaining 17 slots. When looking at our standby lists, do the people we have amount to that many bodies, and is the mix reasonable. 17 DPS only on standby might not make for a successful raid in the long run. 8/10 man raids are a lot less stringent on the review/approval process, for obvious reasons.

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Loot Questions 

Yes, Shroud. Oh, you want information? Basically you get points, and spend half of them if you want priority on an item and get it. More information can be found on the Intro To LO page. A more thorough breakdown is here: Loot Policies

How do I earn Points? 
Attending raids.

Can Points be shared between characters? 
Nope, all points are tied to each character.

Transfer points? 
Nope, what you earn on a character is what you've got.

How does the Shroud to standard work? 
If you roll Shroud, and no one else rolls shroud or standard, it’s recorded as a Shroud to Standard roll and you pay 10 points.

What is Save anyway? 
Save is a courtesy roll. It is your way as a raider to "save something from DE/RE." Basically, in rolling save you state that the item isn't that important to you, and you would rather see it go to someone that really needs it - but, if it is going to be DE'd/RE'd, you'll take it. You are basically being courteous to your fellow raiders, by willingly stepping down in priority.

I have 0 points, I can’t get any loot, can I?
Not true at all, even with 0 points you can roll save and standard on an item and have the same chance to win the item as anyone else who rolled the same roll.

Wait, if I roll standard on an item, do I go into negative points?
Nope. 0 is as low as you go, so if you’re there they don’t cost anything.

Isn’t that abuse-able?
In theory, but most people have the common sense not to abuse the people around them. And we do watch for that kind of behavior.

I have 9 points. Can I shroud? Can I standard? 
Nope, you need 10 to Shroud. Yup, you can standard or save.

Why is this section full of such short answers?
Because our loot system is pretty simple. Less time worrying about some complex loot system, and more time enjoying the game. It’s all good. :)

AH! But I can come up with a complicated question! My buddy, Bob, is on a raid with me. A really cool BoP item he can use drops, but he doesn't have enough points to win a shroud bid for it. I do. Can I shroud on it, and have the item given to him?

But, I can give him a BoE item if I purchase it. Why not a BoP item? 
Short Answer? Because we say so ;) 
Long Answer? Well, when you pay for an item - the item is given to You. For a BoE items? They don't bind on pickup, do with them as you will. BoP items? Under LOP, you cannot transfer ownership of a BoP item, except in the rare circumstance of getting an upgrade to a prior bought item in the 2 hour window open for trade. This and looting error are the only times trading a BoP are acceptable under the LOP rules. Your points belong ONLY to you - and shouldn't be used to buy gear for someone else present at the raid. 

So basically, this system really is just that easy?

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Contacting Us 

How do I contact a Charter Lead? A Overall Lead?
A PM is a good way (use the Private Messages button on the left bar). Otherwise catch them ingame.

I had a problem with a raider - who do I talk to?
Short answer: One of the leads (Charter, Team, Emeritus, whoever) and they’ll make sure it’s handled. If it is during a current raid, bring it up with one of the charter leads for that raid immediately. Don’t wait for it to become a larger issue, bring it up NOW.  If you still need help, take it to the Mediation Team.

I have problem with a LEAD - who do I talk to?
This one is a bit trickier, and it depends on the lead you have an issue with. If you have an issue with a Charter lead, bring it up with the Game Team Leads via PM so they can discuss it. If you have an issue with a Team Lead, bring the other Team Leads into it. PM them all, and say “Hey, I had a problem with Overall Lead X, this happened”. If you prefer not to invite the offending lead that's your call, but I actually suggest you do. They’re a pretty reasonable sort and actually prefer to know they’ve messed up and offended someone than to just have them hide it.  If you feel like the situation is particularly touchy or delicate, take it to the Mediation Team.

Any pointers on how to communicate my issue with a lead?
Always remember that everyone involved are people, and we all make mistakes. Its part of learning. Try not to come across as rude or aggressive; don’t be out for blood. The goal here is overall improvement more than for punishment. Unless they do something truly horrible of course, in which case, TO THE CURB WITH YOU! Or something. <.<

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Social Questions

Is it okay to advertise for my guild's runs here?
For old content? We don't mind. For current stuff? No. We view that as well, kinda rude. While we are happy to see other organizations grow, we don't want people thinking that your raids are part of our organization - and then wondering why the raid isn't following our rules.

Is there a universal chat channel around?
/Leftovers Please see Leftovers Channel (again) about keeping the channel clean and friendly!

Is the /leftovers channel okay to advertise in?
See previous discussion about advertising. If you advertise current content in that channel that are not LO raids - we will politely ask you to stop. And if you don't stop -we will ban you out of the channel to prevent drama-llama fights.

Do you guys do heroics/flashpoints?
Our members surely do heroics, and people might organize them in channel, or on the unofficial PvE forum, but we don't schedule them on the calendar, and definitely don't do points for them:)

What about low level instances?
Same as above. Most of us have lower level alts, and enjoy kickin' it old school in Scarlet Monestary or BlackRock Depths or Normal Mode Eternity Vault. Don't ask us to Uldaman though, no good will come of it.

Or WoW old world (Pre-bc 40 player raid content/BC Content/LK Content)?
We still have unofficial Molten Core raids, again organized in the ingame chat channel, and have folks run into Sunwell for giggles. You'll probably have no problems finding people for short raids like Gruul, but might need to make a post and advertise for longer raids like Sunwell, Hyjal, or AQ40. A lot of players have never seen that content, and even if it's lower level, it can still present challenges, and new experiences for players.

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Where do I get cake? Is it really a lie?
Not at all! You can get some here.

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