Changes to 1.4.1:
  • This is mostly a fine-tuning-some-numbers update; nothing too major here.
  • Changed calculation methods for PD, MD, Vigor, and Spirit.
  • Updated stat blocks and character sheet accordingly.
  • Revised Tool Slots to make them a little more intuitive.
  • Changed (already) how Concept works when activated.
Changes to v1.4:
  • First, you may notice that we've skipped v1.3, the Gamex Playtest Edition. That's because it only existed for about a week before it underwent some pretty significant revision again. Those lucky few at Gamex who got a copy of it can consider it a collector's item. Anyway, onto the revisions in both versions:
  • Changed the method for calculating Physical and Mental Defense. It was too easy to get these way too high. I don't mind a PC who's a combat monster, but when he's such a combat monster that the actual monsters can't hope to hit him, that's an un-fun problem.
  • Changed Vigor from half Athletic to half Strong, on the very good advice of Hamish.
    • Updated every stat block and example accordingly. Most things got a little easier to fight; one or two got quite a bit harder.
  • Made Concept an official character element with mechanical significance.
  • Updated the Getting Better chapter to add the option of improving your Concept.
  • Updated the character sheet to accommodate this Concept thing.
  • Added an example of how create a random Horror.
  • Added another "faction": the Restorationists.
  • Rules for treating Grafts as Armor instead of Tools.
  • Added advice on letting players have matching feet (just... read it).
  • Changed the die-rolling method for determining a survivor's Human and Horrific Natures. It isn't actually different now; it's just quicker.
  • Pagination's off in this version in the ToC; that's because I added a bunch of indicators for page breaks for Jenny, the layout artist. Hopefully that'll make it easier for her, but honestly... I dunno. The point is, I'm not going to keep treating this like the final product when, ultimately, it isn't. 
  • But there's a bit of Tony's art on the front page, so hopefully that helps.

Changes to v1.2:
  • Added "combat maneuver" rules.
  • Added a brief section on character advancement.
  • Added a second section on Bonds ("Breaking Bonds") with an additional way to worsen Bonds -- through neglect -- that reinforces roleplaying in character.
  • Changed the effect that a lowered Human Nature has on Bonds.
  • Clarified that starting Bond dice are just that -- your Bonds' starting values, which can change over time.
  • Clarified the random Horror tables a bit.
  • Put a few more sub-sub-sections in text boxes and did some general tidying.
  • Fixed up the character sheet a bit.

Changes to v1.1:
  • Changed how Wounds and Shocks work, along with corresponding changes to the healing and recovery rules.
  • Changed how Bonds are defined. Now Bonds are split into two categories: Allies (PCs) and Contacts (NPCs).
  • Added a brief section on vehicles as Tools (since, as seen in playtesting, people love to have vehicles).
  • Added brief vehicular combat rules.
  • Changed character sheet to reflect the above.
  • Added chapters and an index to the table of contents that aren't actually in the text itself, just by way of, y'know, planning ahead.
  • Cleaned a few things up.

Changes to v1.0:
  • Changed how ranged attacks are resolved.
  • Added "Confident" element as a non-combat "Rattled" analogue; this should also help allay some concerns about contest difficulty.
  • Changed how success and Hits are measured in contests.

Changes to v0.1.1:
  • Clarified how surprise works
  • Added an explicit combat sequence
  • Added initiative mechanic
  • Added area-effect mechanic for weapons
  • Modified range of thrown weapons (no longer determined by weapon quality)
  • Defined when group Trait checks are appropriate and when they're not
Changes to v0.1 (from version submitted for Game Fu)
  • Added section on radiation damage
  • "Staring Into the Abyss" -- effects of trying to understand/communicate with Horrors
  • Fixed inconsistency with Wounds and Shocks re: how many a character can take before being taken out
  • Minor fixes and edits
Known Issues/Planned Changes:
  • A section on how to style the various generic locations in the game -- the Trench, the Ruins, etc. -- to suit your individual tastes and/or to inspire you.
    • Status: None.
  • An index.
    • Status: None. This is likely to happen during or shortly before layout.
  • More "factions" and more info on them.
    • Status: Done (as of v1.3)
  • More info on the Trench and the Trench Authority.
    • Status: None
  • Sample PCs and NPCs, fully statted.
    • Status: In progress, in that I plan to steal the PCs that the San Diego guys made and insert them as NPCs.
    • Update: I will also steal characters from any other playtests I can get my hands on.
  • Intro scenario.
    • Status: None -- although now that I've run it a few times, this one's a bit easier.