Here's the archives of all stories that have appeared on Left Hand Waving.  Enjoy!
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Amberg, Julia The Stranger 
Ashfaq, Muhammad The Abusers 
Atkin, Emily Close the Door 
Basden, Barry Fire Escape 
Bernstein, Dawn I'm in the System 
Bledsoe, CL The First Day 
Browne, Melanie The Helmet 
Carroll, Keith The Diagnosis 
Charles, Peter What People Want 
Charles, Peter Safe As Houses 
Cole, Nicholas J. Meat Pasta in August 
Coley, Holly J. No Place Like Home 
Cornett, Meredith Siege 
DiStefano, Victoria Identity Theft 
Duarte, Allison K. The Choo Choo Boogie 
Fine, Sarah Calandra If the Shoe Fits 
Frederick, Steve Wilderness 
George, Brian Take Me to the Coast 
Gilson, Roger Hannigan  Big House 
Grappone, Amanda Judgment Day 
Gurney, Kenneth P. It Don't Belong Here 
Gustafson, Courtney These Are Not the Things I'm Supposed to Learn 
Hamilton, William Reese  Dead Winter on the Maine Turnpike 
Hilary, Sarah Dig the Dead 
Holderness, Anderson The Bug Zapper House 
Holtzman, Jeanne The Inspector 
Jackson, Beverly A Whiff of Nirvana 
Jayne, Maria Group Project 
Joslin, Oonah V. With a name like that you should be a writer 
Keisner, Jody Josie's Puppies 
Kennedy, Tammie M Why I Was Never a Girl Scout 
King, E. E.  Family Stories, or Why I Am Not a Heiress 
Kissing, Steve Don't Do It Yourself 
Konesky, Lara Teddy Day 
Kuntz, Len Gladiolas 
Kuntz, Len Terminal 
Kuntz, Len I'll Never Tell 
Kuntz, Len Boy Wonder 
Lapointe, A. A. Hassouna 
Limbong, Andrew The Book was Sherwood Anderson's Winesburg, Ohio 
Mangan, Steve Biscuit 
Mathewson, Doug Smartest Man on Earth 
McCall, Kathleen Pies for the Homeless 
McCarthy, Justin Beer Run 
Minasi, Samantha Dinner for One 
Minasi, Samantha Smokestacks and Coca Cola Signs 
Murphy, K. Lynne Ezra 
O'Regan, Dan Fudge and Folly 
O'Regan, Dan The Race to the Race 
Plummer, Kim Roadside Assistance 
Powers, M.P. The Accoster 
Powers. M. P. Waterworks 
Prisco, Jaime When in Rome 
Quintela, Joseph A. W. Revenge of the Deadly Little Pod-Dwellers 
Scheer, Wayne The Parking Lot 
Scheer, Wayne The Telephone Call 
Schinasi, Carl The Poet Speaks 
Schneider, Mather November in July 
Schneider, Mather  Dodi's Luck 
Schneider, Mather A Day with Melanie 
Schneider, Mather This Kick's Viagra's Ass 
Schneider, Mather Mermaid with Doctor's Mask 
Schwartz, D. M.  Birds 
Soderling, Janice D. The Sweetest Baritone I Ever Heard 
Spengeman, Peter The Big Easy 
Stancek, Andrew A Pack of Lipas 
Stevens, Paul Death of an Innocent 
Strumfeld, Zan The Nazi Party 
Sullivan, Thomas Fast Food Follies 
Sutherland, Suzanne Song for a Summer's Afternoon 
Templeton, Ray In the Troubles 
Valois, Michelle Refugee Status: 1984 
Valvis, James Klamath Falls 
Valvis, James The Amazing Tomatoes of Jersey City 
Walker, Rachel Blind Date 
Warren, Roz Weirdest. Valentine. Ever. 
Wendth, Winona Winkler  Gilda 
White, Joshua The Moon, in Two 
Wilson, K.C. A Walk to the Stop Sign 
Zanetich, Meg The Cash 
Showing 80 items