Oonah V. Joslin

Oonah V. Joslin

With a name like that you should be a writer

A few people have made that remark.   

“What’s the V for?”

I’ve always used the V because otherwise I was O K and who wants to be O K?  It’s memorable in all the wrong ways.  Besides, nobody ever laughed when I wrote O.V.K. 
"Oonah," I say.  Now it amuses some people at this point to remind me of, ‘Una Paloma Blanca,’ hate that song! Or impress me with their ability to count to three in Spanish. 
So, after twenty six years of being O K, I decided to become O J which was… okay really - before the Simpson case at least.  And it was fairly okay until that weekend I put a note out for the milkman:
No milk today thank you,
He left a carton of orange juice.  It took me an hour to figure out why.  I quietly reinstated the V.

The girl at the counter had a badge on that said Karin.  “NEXT.”  She didn’t make eye contact.  Her pen was already poised over the inevitable form.  “Can I take your name?”

“Joslin,” I said – knowing that mostly the surname comes first on forms.  To my dismay she began writing it on the second line.  J O C E L…

“No that’s my surname,” I said.  “Joslin - J O S L I N.”

Karin smiled, scrunched the form and dropped it into a bin.  “J O S…” she repeated.

“That’s right.”
“And your first name?”

"Oonah,” I said.  “I’d better spell that for you.”  Too late; she’d already written a U.

“O…” I said.

“O,” she said. 

I wasn’t sure whether she’d meant O or Oh so I repeated, “O,”

“Yes.  O?”

“O,” I said.

“Yes, then?”

“It’s O, O,” I said. 

“Three Os?”

“No - two."  

“I see,” she said and wrote each letter carefully.  “Do you have a second name?” 
I pronounced it slowly.  “Vee-on...” 

Karin glowered at me.

“V,” I began…

I watched as she wrote the V.

Karin had stopped writing.  “Would you excuse me a moment?” she said, her voice thin.  

Oonah V Joslin has loads of stuff on line and with a name like that, why not. Just Google her but if that fails you can find her here http://www.oonahs.blogspot.com/ and at http://www.everydaypoets.com/ where she serves as editor and never gets bad-tempered over anybody’s name.