Celebration meeting for Edward Fraenkel's 90th birthday

On 26 May 2017, we will celebrate the 90th birthday of Edward Fraenkel.

The lectures will take place at the University of Bath in 4W 1.1 (the Wolfson Theatre) from 2pm on, followed by a reception. 

The lectures are as follows:

  • 14:15-14:55 David Edmunds (Sussex): Optimal function spaces for classical operators
  • 15:00-15:40 John Ball (Oxford): Incompatible phases and metastability 
  • 15:45- 16:25 Walter Hayman (Imperial): Edward Fraenkel the polymath 
The reception will be from 16:30 in the Atrium in 4W. 

There will be a dinner on the evening at 19:00 (note the new time!) at Wood's Restaurant. Please contact the organisers (contact details below) if you would like to attend.

For queries please contact Johannes Zimmer (zimmer at maths.bath.ac.uk) or Elaine Ritchie (E.N.Ritchie @ bath.ac.uk, administrative enquiries). 

Information for visitors to Bath

We ask participants to book their accommodation on their own, for example via the local booking site. There are several hotel chains such as Premier Inn and Holiday Express Inn. Please do not hesitate to contact the organisers if you have any queries.