August 2017: Our latest review paper on alpha oscillations and cognitive performance just got published in Neuroscience!

July 2017: Our most recent results on the role of white matter compromise on the phase synchronization of cortical circuits just got accepted by the Journal of Neuroscience!

June 2017: Our most recent results on the link between gamma activity and BOLD just got published in the Journal of Neuroscience!

April 2017: Our work is highlighted in the latest issue of the Neuro Magazine in the Globe and Mail 

April 2017: Our work just got funded by NSERC for the next 5 years! 

March 2017: Training the next generation of scientists (or ballet dancer, or teacher)...:-)

March 2017: We had a great time in Banff (BIRS Center) sharing our latest results on state-dependent entrainment of alpha oscillations!

March 2017: We are happy to welcome Nathan Carruth (PhD mathematics) in our team!

January 2017: We are happy to welcome Gideon Providence (MSc mathematics) in out team!

August 2016: New paper about noise and synchrony just got accepted in PLOS One!

July 2016: Our work has been featured in the monthly Krembil Research Newsletter! 

July 2016: We are happy to welcome Iman Kamali Sarvestani, a postdoctoral fellow, in our team! 

May 2016: Our work has been featured in the monthly Krembil Research Newsletter! 

April 2016: Our research findings have been accepted for publication in the Journal of Neuroscience! Congratulations to all collaborators!

March 2016: Our research findings have been accepted for publication in PLOS Biology! Congratulations to all collaborators!  The article is freely available here


The SYNC lab research stands at the interface of applied mathematics and computational neuroscience. We develop analysis tools to investigate neural circuits and their dynamics, in order to understand the correlation between brain activity, neural coding and cognitive processes. We are also studying the link between defects in neural activity and neurophysiological disorders. Using a combination of probabilistic and dynamical systems approaches we investigate how noise and non-linearity shape the complexity of brain functions.  

Mandate: The goal of the lab is to provide state-of-the-art mathematical and computational descriptions of neural systems, stimulating interdisciplinary initiatives between experimental, clinical and theoretical scholars in the fields of neuroscience and medicine, both in Canada and abroad. Sitting at the heart of one Canada's leading neuroscience hospital, the SYNC lab research initiatives are aligned with current concerns of the medical field, creating a unique environment to investigate the properties of complex biological systems and accelerate the development of new innovative treatment for patients.