Founder & Creator
LeeZu Baxter

Chief Executive Officer
Barbara Nicholls

Personal Assistant
TraLove Pinazzo

Store Manager
Serenity Mercier

Vixie Rayna

♥ What permissions do your products have?

With the exception of Jewelry and furniture, all items are
                              No exceptions.

♥ I haven't received my product. Where can I find help?

If you didn't receive your product, please go to your account history (World-> Account History)
and send me a notecard with your name, the date of transaction, the product name and the number
that is standing in front of your purchase.

You can also ask Barbara Nicholls, Vixie Rayna or Serenity Mercier for a notecard to fill out.

♥ I have a problem with my purchase. Who do I contact?

For inquiries regarding our product sales please contact Vixie Rayna.

♥ I can't find a certain product in the store. Who can help me find it?

Please contact Serenity Mercier inworld. If you can't reach her, we have a model display
at the entrance of the store that shows who is online. Please don't hesitate to contact one of
our models.

♥ I am lost. Where can I find the new release in the store?

Please visit our blog http://www.lbd-hotblog.blogspot.com/
Each new release has the direct TP under the post to each product.

♥ Can I have someone model a dress before I buy it?

Yes of course.
Please take a look at our model display at the entrance of the store
and contact any one of our models that is online. They will be pleased to model it.

♥ Do you have Giftcards?

We have disabled giftcards until further notice.

If you want to have a gift sent to someone,
please contact Barbara Nicholls, Vixie Rayna or Serenity Mercier.

♥ I want to be a store model. Who do I contact?

All model inquiries should be directed to Vixie Rayna.

♥ Who do I contact for media inquiries?

Please contact Barbara Nicholls inworld or via email.

♥ I am a blogger. Can I request items for blogging?

We receive several requests from bloggers each week asking that we provide items for review.
While we are very pleased to assist and support professionally run blog sites, in order
to streamline our processes, items will not be provided until each request has been assessed
and approved by Barbara Nicholls.
Please drop your request in a notecard (titled: LeeZu! Review Request - your name),
to Barbara Nicholls with the following information:

 - Your full name
 - The web address of the blog site or review page
 - The LeeZu items of interest - please specify as much information as possible and whether the review will be following any particular theme, e.g. bridal
- The expected date of the review

♥ Are you renting satellite stores at the moment?

We are not renting stores at the moment.

♥ Can I request custom work?

We are not offering custom work at the moment.

♥ Do you support charity organizations?

Yes we do:

Relay for Life http://www.relayforlife.org/relay/
Kiva http://www.kiva.org/lender/leezu2371
terre des hommes http://www.tdh.de/content/foreign/englisch.htm

We are very sorry, but we don't have the time or budget to support
any other charity organizations at this time.