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90 and 92 Jalan Rajah                                         65.65938092
Singapore 329162                                  

  • Senior Lecturer, Curtin Singapore, Singapore, 6/2016 – Present
  • Assistant Professor of Finance, School of Finance, Shanghai University of Finance and Economics (SUFE), Shanghai, China, 7/2013 – 5/2016
  • Visiting Research Scholar, Stern School of Business, New York University (NYU), U.S., 8/2012 – 12/2012
  • Visiting Research Scholar, Judge Business School, Cambridge University, England, 12/2011 – 4/2012
  • Adjunct Lecturer, Singapore Management University (SMU), Singapore, 2011, 2012, 2013

  • Research Fellow, Sim Kee Boon Institute for Financial Economics, Singapore, 7/2013 – 12/2013
  • Research Associate, Sim Kee Boon Institute for Financial Economics, Singapore, 8/2008 – 7/2009
  • Product Controller, Rates, Credit Suisse, 4/2008 – 7/2008
  • Business Unit Controller, Fixed Income, UBS Investment Bank, Singapore, 8/2005 – 7/2006
  • Assurance Associate, PricewaterhouseCoopers, Singapore, 7/2004 – 7/2005

  • Ph.D. Business (Finance), SMU, Singapore, 8/2009 – 6/2013
  • M.Sc. Finance, SMU, Singapore, 8/2006-7/2008
  • B.Sc. Accountancy (Hons), Nanyang Technological University, Singapore, 8/2001-7/2004

  • Corporate Innovation, Corporate Governance, Financial Intermediation




1. Board Diversity, CEO Co-tenure, and Innovation Outcomes (with Guoli Chen, INSEAD, Po-Hsuan Hsu, University of Hong Kong, and Daniel Mack, Singapore Management University), Revise and Resubmit at the Academy of Management Journal

Presented: Darden BRAD Brownbag, Darden & Cambridge Judge Entrepreneurship and Innovation Research Conference, and NBER Productivity Seminar.

2. The Unintended Consequence of Clawback Provisions: Diminished Firm Innovation (with Xin Deng, SUFE), Revising 

Presented: Entrepreneurial Finance and Innovation around the World.


1. Directors as Connectors: The Impact of the External Networks of Directors on Firm (with Quoc-Anh Do, Sciences Po, and Bang D. Nguyen, Cambridge University), Under Review at the Journal of Accounting and Economics

 Presented: University of Pennsylvania, UNISIM, SUFE Finance Conference, Cambridge Judge Business School, AsianFA 2017.

2. Out of Sight, Out of Mind: The Value of Political Connections in Social Networks (with Quoc-Anh Do, Sciences Po, Bang D. Nguyen, Cambridge University, and Kieu-Trang Nguyen, London School of Economics),  (previously circulated as “Politicians and Directors in Social Networks: Regression Discontinuity Design Evidence from Close Elections”), Revising 

Presented: the Econometric Society Meetings (Winter 2012, North America Summer 2011, Europe 2011, and Asia 2011), SFS Finance Cavalcade 2012, CICF 2012, ISB CAF Summer Research Conference 2011, EFA 2011, Journées Louis-André Gérard-Varet 2011, Chulalongkorn Accounting and Finance Symposium 2011, the Academia Sinica Applied Microeconomics/Econometrics Conference, AsianFA 2011, SMU-ESSEC Symposium 2011, Indiana University, Tufts University, INSEAD, HEC Paris, Paris School of Economics, Ecole Polytechnique, Sciences Po, THEMA (Université Cergy-Pontoise), University of Cambridge, University of Manchester, University of Exeter, University of Reading, University of Warwick, HKUST, City University of Hong Kong, NUS, and SMU.

3. Political Connections and Firm Value: Evidence from Close Gubernatorial Elections (with Quoc-Anh Do, Sciences Po, and Bang D. Nguyen, Cambridge University), Revising.  

Presented: EFA 2013, UNC-Duke Corporate Finance Conference 2013, SFS Finance Cavalcade 2013, AEA 2013, FMA 2012, Cambridge/Penn/Tinbergen Meeting 2012, SMU-SKBI Brown Bag, SMU-ESSEC Symposium 2012, and APEA 2012.

Awarded: SFS Finance Cavalcade Award for the Best Paper in Corporate Finance.

4. Anti-corruption Campaign and Corporate Investment: Evidence from a Quasi-Natural Experiment (with Alberto Batinti, SUFE and Bingyong Zheng, SUFE), Revising. 

Presented: SPEA SUFE, 9th Australasian Public Choice Conference, The Third International Conference on The Chinese Economy: Past, Present and Future.

5. Social Networks, Corporate Investment, and Firm Value: Evidence from Corporate Control Activities (with Quoc-Anh Do, Sciences Po, and Bang D. Nguyen, Cambridge University), Revising 

Presented: Exeter University, FMA Doctoral Consortium, NYU PhD Seminar, and SMU-SKBI Brown Bag.


1.Why Are Bond Ratings Informative? (with Ederington Louis, Oklahoma University, Jeremy Goh, SMU, and Lisa Yang, Montana State University), Revising. 

Presented: The 4th Conference on Corporate Finance and Financial Institutions.

  • Do Investors Value Corporate Governance? Evidence from Singapore (with Jeremy Goh, SMU)
  • Exchange Traded Fund Based on Participatory Notes (with Jeremy Goh, SMU)
  • DB X-trackers DJ EURO STOXX 50 Short ETF (with Jeremy Goh, SMU)
  • Deciphering High Note 5 (with Jeremy Goh, SMU)


  • Invited Seminars
    • 2016: Curtin Singapore (Singapore)
    • 2015: UNISIM (Singapore)
    • 2014: SUFE Brown Bag (Shanghai)
    • 2013: Exeter University (Exeter)
    • 2012: NYU PhD Seminar (New York), University of Cambridge PhD Seminar (Cambridge), SMU-SKBI Brown Bags (Singapore)
    • 2011: Chulalongkorn University Accounting and Finance Symposium (Bangkok)
    • 2010: The University of Oklahoma (Oklahoma)
  • Conferences
    • 2017: Asian FA Conference (Seoul)
    • 2016: SUFE Finance Conference (Shanghai)
    • 2015: Entrepreneurial Finance and Innovation around the World (Beijing)
    • 2014: Econometric Society Asia (Taipei), SMU Finance Summer Research Camp (Singapore), The 4th Conference on Corporate Finance and Financial Institutions (Shanghai)
    • 2013: AEA/AFA (San Diego), EFA (Cambridge), CICF (Shanghai), SMU-SUFE Finance Summer Research Camp (Shanghai)
    • 2012: FMA Doctoral Consortium (Atlanta), FMA Special Ph.D. Paper Session (Atlanta), CICF (Chongqing), APEA (Singapore), SMU-ESSEC Symposium (Singapore)
    • 2011: AsianFA (Macau), Econometric Society Asia (Seoul), FMA Asia (Queensland), SMU-ESSEC Symposium (Singapore)
  • Ad-hoc Referee
    • 2012: Society of Financial Studies Calvade Finance Conference (Virginia)
  • Session Chair
    • 2014: Econometric Society Asia (Taiwan)
    • 2011: SMU-ESSEC Symposium (Singapore)
  • Affiliations
    • American Finance Association (AFA), Financial Management Association (FMA), European Finance Association (EFA)

  • First Prize, Junior Faculty Teaching Competition, SUFE, Shanghai, China, 6/2015
  • The Best Paper in Corporate Finance, Society for Financial Studies Finance Cavalcade, Miami, U.S., 5/2013  
  • Graduate Scholarship (Ph.D. Program), Ministry of Education, Singapore, 8/2009-6/2013
  • Graduate Scholarship (Masters Program), Ministry of Education, Singapore, 8/2006-7/2007
  • ASEAN Undergraduate Scholarship, Ministry of Education, Singapore, 8/2001-5/2004
  • ASEAN Pre-University Scholarship, Ministry of Education, Singapore, 6/1999-12/2000

  • Co-PI, Research Grant of RMB 800,000 on the project “Risk Management and Corporate Governance,” Young Scholar Pioneer Group Initiative, SUFE, Shanghai, China, 2014
  • Collaborator, Research Grant of SGD 26,120 on the project “Politicians and Directors in Social Networks: RDD Evidence from Close Elections,” Sim Kee Boon Institute for Financial Economics, SMU, Singapore, 2011
  • Travel Grant, Chulalongkorn University Accounting and Finance Symposium, Bangkok, Thailand, 2011
  • Travel Grant, PhD Conference, Office of Research, SMU, Singapore, 2011
  • Travel Grant, Sim Kee Boon Institute, SMU, Singapore, 2010, 2011, 2012

  • English (fluent), Malay (intermediate), Chinese (native), Dialect (Hokkien, Cantonese), SAS, Stata, Python