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2018년 1학기 인천대학교 수학과 Colloquium 일정. 

3월 13일 화요일 4시, 5호관 103호
연사 : 고등과학원 박병도 박사.
제목 : The Atiyah-Jänich theorem and its twisted refinement
초록 : I will give a brief introduction to category theory. We shall explain what a category, a functor, and a natural transformation between two functors are in a way that leads to a statement of an elementary but a deep theorem proved by K. Jänich and M. Atiyah in the sixties that the space of homotopy classes of maps into the space of Fredholm operators on the Hilbert space is naturally isomorphic to the complex K-theory. I will then introduce a work in progress proving a twisted variant of this theorem.

4월 10일 화요일 4시, 5호관 103호
연사 : 한국뉴욕주립대학교 오수일 교수
제목 : What is a graph?
초록 : Given a relation on a set, we can form a picture by considering an element as a point and any pair of elements satisfying the relation as a line. Roughly speaking, this is a graph. In this talk, we are going to introduce the origin, some applications, and some current important open problems of graph theory. This talk is accessible to all academics and students interested in graph theory.