Task #1A: Requirements

From: Dottie Sunio, Advisory Board Consultant
Subject: Task #1: Research and Recommend


1.    Your team will begin by researching the 3rd grade curriculum in our state (and others if you so desire).  What are the 3rd grade English objectives in Reading and Writing? (see Resources for websites)

2.    You will research the Internet for software programs that will address those objectives. 

3.    You will choose one or more programs which are devoted to English writing and reading objective or objectives.  Since our school runs Apple Computers exclusively, you will need to choose programs will need to run on this platform.

4.    You will need to identify the following requirements for each program you are considering?

·         What OS does it need?

·         How much RAM does it require?

·         How much hard drive space will it occupy?

·         Does the program need any other software installed in order to run?


5.    Other considerations:

·         Does the program advertise ease of use?  Are there testimonies or recommendations from other users?  Does the site list other schools using this program?

6.    Now you need to choose the Apple laptop computer best suited to run this software. 

7.    Research the  Internet for Apple Mac Laptops

a.     Choose a laptop that meets the above criteria for the program you have chosen.

b.    Does it have the RAM and Hard Drive space necessary?

c.     Does it have a CD/DVD slot needed to run the program?

d.    Does it have the Operating System the program requires?

e.     Get the best price you can. 



You will create a report using MS Word which will detail your research and recommendations. 

It should include the following:


·         Paragraph one should include the 3rd grade English objectives you are targeting (and why). 

·         Paragraph two should state your recommendations of the software program/programs you have chosen and why. 

·         Finally, recommend the Mac Laptop which would be best suited for this purpose.  You must include why you have chosen this computer and the criteria that it meets.



o    You must have a title page  with your name and date centered on the page.

o    Use a 12 point font

o    Double-spaced

o    1” margins

o    Have a Works-Cited page in MLA format


 You will submit your report thru the Laulima Assignment Link by the due date