Task #3 Reguirements


            Task #3


Create a PowerPoint presentation which summarizes the information you have in your Word document

Slide #1 state the research findings of 3rd Grade English Reading or Writing objectives that you are going to focus on.

Slide #2 should state the software program you have chosen to purchase which addresses those objectives.  Include the following:

·         Why you have chosen this program

·         Which objectives does it address

·         Cost of the program

Slide #3 should describe the Mac Laptop you have chosen

·         Include which features this computer has

·         Why you have chosen it

·         Price

Slide #4 should be a listing of all costs involved

Slide #5 your Works Cited slide

Other things you must include:

·         You must include at least 3 graphics.

·         You must have transitions and animations of 4 of the 5 slides


Save the file as “My Computer Recommendations”