From: Dottie Sunio, Advisory Board consultant
Subject: Welcome
Welcome to the Advisory Board to Leeward Elementary School
You have been selected to be on the Advisory Board of Leeward Elementary School.  We have always had a very active and involved board at our school. The advisory board is responsible for the direction the school will take.  The Board makes recommendations regarding curriculum, funding and administrative issues.
  • Duties of advisory boards differ greatly from one situation to another. Some advisory boards, like those set for student groups on campus, have ultimate control over how money is allocated for the group and therefore will be in charge of making the final call when it comes to those decisions. Groups that have a lot of control over the organization will need to decide how budgets are spent, make the final call on projects the group undertakes and even make decisions for how the group should proceed.
  • This advisory board has been tasked with utilizing the $75,000 federal money awarded to purchased Apple laptop computers and software for the 3rd grade of our school.  Your team will research the Internet to find the best software available to increase Reading and Writing skills at this grade level.  You will both recommend the software and the hardware that the school should purchase.  You will create a report detailing your findings and recommendations.  You will also detail the budget and how you are spending the allocated money.  Finally, you will present your finding to the total Advisory Board for their approval.