In accordance with the University of Notre Dame's science and research mission, the Leevy Laboratory places an emphasis on promoting a safe laboratory environment.  This website has been developed to outline the general safety standards as  well as detail common procedures in the laboratory . 

    There are a number of forms that are necessary to complete before you can become a certified lab member/volunteer. The following are the documents you will need to verify your certifications:
  • The Leevy Lab Safety Compliance Form will need to be completed fully before you are a member/volunteer. The completed form can then be turned into Sarah and then put on file.
  • The Leevy Lab Individual Training Form also needs to be completed, but to Dr. Leevy's will, and turned into Sarah and put on file. This document includes the necessary training one needs to be a lab member/volunteer as well as training for additional instruments and procedures.
This is a ppt of all of the information you will need for being a member of the Leevy Lab!!

    To begin, follow the instructions found under the "Safety Training" and "Online Training" tabs.  These will provide you with the information necessary to complete all required training  prior to entering the laboratory.  Familiarize yourself with the policies found under the "In Vivo Policies" and the "Inter Laboratory Policies" tabs. All completed courses will need to be verified and documented on the Leevy Lab Individual Training Form and the Leevy Lab Safety Compliance Form.

        If you have any questions, contact information for other members of the laboratory is listed under the "Contacts" tab.