Logistics projects

This site provides information on some of the logistics projects  undertaken. Heavy industrial, Oilfield, Automotive, Storage and Distribution, Fleet and various modes of Transport .


Projects and Operations Manager

A former market leading multi-modal logistics company within a larger group founded in 1965:


Employs 3000 in 23 group companies including 3PL providers to industrial giants Saudi Aramco, Sabic, Samsung. Based in Dammam HQ,

Import  and transport of  heavy freight 

As Projects and Operations manager I had responsibility for P&L, a sizeable operations team and I developed a “special projects” team delivering heavy industrial projects in oil and gas, construction, civil engineering and manufacturing.

“Operations” exceeded service levels and profitability of previous years while “Projects” regularly exceeded financial targets by 25% and contributed 60% of total revenue in year one.

Already 12 to16 hours a day, when tasked with managing national fleet I set up reporting systems to remotely manage operations in Riyadh and Jeddah using the same methodology I implemented in Dammam and earlier in Dubai. Very quickly that identified poor standards in Riyadh and false accounting in Jeddah which were addressed independently.

Dammam and Riyadh welcomed new process and improved. Jeddah Management resisted change giving cause for further investigation. Longer term false account by a regional General Manager was disclosed.


Because the internal fleet was elderly and supporting daily 3PL operations I did a number of things to facilitate the transport requirements of "special projects". Implemented European standards in maintenance and reporting reducing down time, Pre-qualified and managed new transport providers working on agreed trip rates for imminent projects which enabled huge savings compared to previous projects and jointly, achieved healthy margins from 42% to 50%. Internal fleet contributed to projects but my gratitude goes to a selection of excellent transporters that I built good relationships with and of course my hand picked team who worked tirelessly to achieve such fantastic results..    


Transport 144,000 ton plant

70-200 ton pieces in transit

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The introduction of European maintenance standards minimised down time and maximised utilisation of the elderly fleet. The 144,000 ton plant with pieces as large as 200 tons was transported 1200 Kms over desert roads. .

Steel beams, part of the structure  

Under stated weights and dimensions were common by the Chinese client  but regardless of that, 98% of freight was delivered on time and 100% demurrage free.      

Hydraulic, self loading trailers

500 ton floating crane at Dammam port KSA

Transport of explosives

Although price is always important, safety and security are priorities where explosives are concerned. I won this tender on the basis of a blast resistant container design. Convoys of up to twelve trailers transported Ammonium Nitrate 400 KMs by road under armed police escort to a secure holding point before distribution throughout KSA. This project regularly achieved 42% without incidents.

Operating an elderly fleet, the introduction of European maintenance minimised down time and maximised utilisation. However, pre-qualified transporters contributed greatly to achieving zero demurrage and hansom margins throughout this project. The 144,000 ton plant with pieces as large as 200 tons was transported 1200 Kms north on desert roads. Working to a two year old contract 45% margins were achieved exceeding the previous (identical) project managed by previous management by 25%. 

Head Of Operations:





Multiple projects running any time included Point of Sale installations on a national scale. Perhaps 80 stores for client A, 200 stores for client B, 60 stores for client C and so on managed by a team of project managers and carried out by 100 mobile installation teams.       

Other areas of retail include the automotive industry. Efficient transport methodolgy applies here also. This locally built 10 car trailer along with revised shift patterns to suit road ban hours in UAE saved as much as AED1,000,000 per month in outsourcing transport and port demurrage cost. .
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Operations and Engineering Manager.

A 3PL provider to oil & gas and construction projects.

This particular project revolved around a unique building system capable of mass producing nine precast homes a day.

Build, transport and commission. 

In preparation for a high value construction project in Africa I was part of a small engineering team that remanufactured the hydraulically operated building system.

The load in transit (below) is 1 piece of 9 that forms the mould weighing 720 tons. Thousands of hydraulic lines were installed, a complete rewire and substantial fabrication and welding was necessary to restore the moulds.

The second picture (below) shows 2 sections already loaded into the ship for Nigeria where a 400 hectare development of homes, shops, hospital, hotel and golf complex was planned.

Walls and ceilings are hydraulically retractable to release the concrete cast. Wiring and plumbing is integral before pouring the concrete leaving just internal fittings, doors and windows to produce a complete house. 

Having built the machine in Texas and commissioned it in Nigeria the focus was on managing the $40m construction fleet preparing the 400 hectare site, build workshops, warehousing
(in the background behind the CAT345 below) and a fuel station to feed the fleet, later to be retail fuel station within the development

Warehouse going up in the background

Gantry for extracting the complete cast

Fleet arriving at Lagos port

A later pre-cast project in Sierra Leone didn't have the benefit of this machine but was pre-manufactured panels to be erected on site. Panels were made in UK, bathrooms and kitchen in China, doors and windows made locally.



Operations and Engineering Manager

Logistics on & off shore:

Front page coverage in the Oil & Gas Journal shows our arrival in the Amazon to provide land and marine transport to the Camisea Gas project. A multi-page spread in Fast Ferry showed more of this and a centre page spread of another project we did in the Caspian Sea.



The Camisea gas project in the Amazon rain forest of Peru. Drill site and supporting equipment was shipped as far in land as possible to Iquitos, then by barge to Atalaya several days up river towards the Andes to Aalay on the junction of Rio Urubamba and the Tambo. From Atalaya freight was moved by hovercraft to Nuevo Mundo the job site.

Refurbishing the hovercraft after its previous project in Africa and daily maintenance was carried out in facilities we built from natural materials. A bladder bag tank farm housed diesel and jet fuel moved from Iquitos were fuels were held prior to on-demand delivery to the job site. Fuels, drill pipe, power generation equipment, pumps and accommodation units, roll out road, mobile plant catering and medical supplies were moved 240 miles upstream to Nuevo Mundo on a daily basis until the construction phase was completed

Completed drill site deep in the Amazon

Air strip built to serve the jungle logistics site  

Oilfield Logistics Brazil

Delivering pipe to jungle locations. Gas needed to be networked to Lima and neighbouring countries and to achieve this with minimal environmental destruction pipe was laid below river bed during dry season hence the urgency to get pipe to jungle locations by hovercraft. 

After moblising the entire hovercraft operation from Nuevo Mundo Peru to Coari Brazil via the Columbian border (a world record for hovercraft) operations started the next morning. A carrying frame fabricated and pipe distributed to remote jungle locations. As water levels rose barges were phased in and pipe laying continued throughout the Amazon. 
Gas pipe line through the jungle

Oilfield Logistics Kazakhstan

Hovercraft delivering fuel 25 miles offshore

After a lengthy period of no hovercraft operations during which I did other work projects for Iveco and Evergreen the craft had been laid up in Belgium. I was asked to head a team, refurbish and modify the craft for sub-zero operations on the North Caspian coast where temperatures would drop to -30 and lower offshore. Following restoration and shipping to Aktau. We took both hovercraft north to Atytrau to begin operations. One craft had been equipped for loose freight, container transport and oil spill response, the other equipped for emergency evacuation and crew changes. Initially on water 25 miles offshore moving drilling equipment, fuel bowsers, containers and personnel was straight forward but as winter set in the sea froze over and operations continued over ice until the construction phase was complete. During drilling we used one craft from a purpose built barge between the two platforms to provide emergency response while the second craft continued logistics operations.  

Walking on water 25 miles off shore