I'm a graduate student in mathematics at the University of Georgia studying under the direction of Paul Pollack. My interests are mostly in the realm of (elementary/analytic) number theory.


E-mail: ltroupe (at) math (dot) uga (dot) edu
Office: Boyd 427G
Phone: (706) 542-2722


On the number of prime factors of values of the sum-of-proper-divisors function (pdf)
    J. Number Theory 150C (2015) pp. 120-135

Bounded gaps between prime polynomials with a given primitive root (pdf)


Slides from talks

    Conference in Honor of Carl Pomerance's 70th Birthday, June 2015

    UGA Graduate Student Seminar, November 2014
    (warning: TikZ diagram is somewhat illegible in handout mode)

    AMS Sectional Meeting at UNC-Greensboro, November 2014