Christians and Politics: Power, the Liberal Arts, and People of Faith

Lee University, October 4-5, 2019

We are excited about this year's Lee Symposium, which will consider the involvement of Christians in politics, from the standpoint of church-related Liberal Arts education.

Self-identified Christians in the United States are pursuing political influence and power with greater and greater zeal. Entering contests over official power of government, however, often requires moral sacrifices. Moreover, it is unclear what Christians gain from increasing their political influence over a pluralistic government that represents many voices, philosophies, and approaches to solving problems using power. This year's theme is meant to foster meaningful conversations about what the overlap actually is between Christians and involvement in politics, what challenges that involvement creates, and how church-related Liberal Arts education can contribute to guide our students and our churches toward the best path.

The speakers of this year's event may be found in the tentative program currently listed on the "program" page. In the tradition of the Maryville Symposium that laid the foundation for this current annual meeting, the event will include four plenary sessions plus a summary. The plenary sessions will include formal responses, and all sessions will allow time for thorough discussion.

Registration is now closed for this fall's meeting.

We look forward to discussing this timely issue with the variety of thinkers representing different academic disciplines, Christian traditions, and kinds of educational institutions.