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Hopefully some ideas came out of your NewSheets.  Post ideas here and claim ones you want to write--so that we don't have people writing the same article.  Claiming your article topics also allows us to know what the next issue might look like.


  • Alex and Cheryl sign extra duty contract for opening the staff room door
  • Upstairs bathrooms found to be imported from airports
  • Diane and Julie "Run the Wizard."
  • NBC hopes for record ratings for 2012 Advisory Olympics
  • Google crashes. BVSD at total loss
  • Alex's stats class found guilty of gambling
  • Graduation ceremony to be held at graveyard on 20th street. This is you'll all end up 
  • Kirk says Cs are passing now. Senior class fails all their classes collectively
  • Detention now just one bid dance party with free pizza. Students ditch class more often 
  • Performance ensemble ensues giant mosh pit on the front lawn
  • Student finishes homework in Finish It.
  • New Cafeteria opens just in time for "Chef's Choice."
  • Hacky Sack team prepares for Nationals
  • Student feels he's "done enough" this quarter
  • Teacher underwhelmed by number of papers turned in
  • Other teacher mildly whelmed by Equity Check-in
  • New entrance actually a skatepark
  • Local Lunch Scandal: Sweatshop Quinoa.
  • Senior not graduating because of CE--but I signed up--why didn't I get the credit?
  • 10 things you didn't know about New Vista
    1. Hole in wall found 50% more popular than urinal.
    2. Cookie bowl is exactly 25% less popular during flu and cold season.
    3. Surprising portion of Statistics class has been under the influence of alcohol at school at some point in last thirty days. pfouts sez no
    4. Students enjoy more independence than at other schools, but less freedom.
    5. The big stall in the down stairs girls bathroom designated for crying/ counseling
  • Krik gets stood up at prom- Leesa {Posted, Feedback appreciated}
  • The old elevator is the new ISS room, school board is worried that if ISS is given to too many students at once the cables will snap
  • Kirk and Ivette do a prank and blame seniors for it. "No senior gets to walk until one of you comes clean,"
  • Police ready for more fire alarm pranks, one officer for every alarm
  • Elevator turns out to be time machine: first used to go back and spend endowment more wisely. (Claimed by Alden)
    • Money is all spent on free lunches, community found infinity-percent more happy with decision.
  • Violence does not Ensue on May Day - Too late... Patrick already wrote this. Feedbag appreciated
  • B Obama, The Next Election - Josh (on my wiki, feedback appreciated, need better title)
  • Five Websites That are Hitting On Facebook Right Now
  • New elevator set to elevate test scores.
  • NVHS Staff Sabotages Student's Credit Count Because "She's just great to have around"
    • NVHS Sabotages Patrick's Credit Count Due to Need for More Programming Classes
  • Earth Task Force Creates New Technology Capable of Recycling Students
  • Somebody write an article for this image--ETF gets their own Bat Signal: claimed by leesa
  • New Vista "Singles" Bathroom Craze - Alden [Posted, feedback appreciated]
  • Study Shows Hallway Whistling Decreases Intelligence - Alden [Posted, feedback appreciated]
  • Filler Article in "The Leek" Takes Up Half a Page. Surely You Jest.
  • Studies Show "That" May Actually Be "How We do it at New Vista"
  • Performance Ensemble Covers Beatles Song. Panic Ensues. - Alden [Posted, feedback appreciated]
  • Vending Machine Shows Signs of Sentience. Robocalypse Intervenes
  • Michael Jackson Returns from Dead w/ Whitney Houston for Overfunded Nostalgia Tour
  • Kara and Andrew Pfouts, Dating? The Leek has the Inside Scoop - Robin Claims
  • Student outrage over previous leek article "Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa"-josh
  • Hundred's of police plan to stop 4:20 this year, Mob of angry stoners plan to storm Farrand Field, the all out battle will begin this friday. -josh
  • C.U. parties are running boulder's liquor supply into the ground, to stop this Twisted Pine brewery plans a major expansion
  • Joe sprays fish fertilizer on lawn, hopes to keep smokers off grass (pun intended)
  • Hit TV show "Mad Real World" stars 2012 Republican Candidates (Audiences prepare for a "Grand Old Party"...)
  • Grammatically correct bathroom graffiti leads New Vista students to believe that toilets are haunted by extremely fancy ghost.
  • NV teachers speak out about lack of representation in The Leek. "Why are all of these articles about Pfouts and Marco?" (Robin claims)
  • Student spends too much time on the internet, now only speaks in memes
  • Junior Proposes to Build Teeth Gleaming Machine for Culminating Project
  • Dave Solzberg's Performance Ensemble Class scheduled to Play Show on New Vista Roof During Exhibition Day
  • Jeff to Replace Chet Next Year; This Time Jeff's Love Booth Will be Real
  • New Seminar Announced for 1st Quarter of 2012-2013 Year: How to Be More Like Marco
  • Kara Brings Dairy Free Yogurt to Advisory for Sunday Monday, Advisory in an Uproar
  • New Lottery: Anyone who buys a ticket has a 1 in 64 million chance of paying MegaMillions 2.4 billion dollars
  • New AM Block Announced: Getting the Most Out of Your Smartphone
  • New Vista math teachers speak out about increase in sarcastic write-ups.
  • Students Bring Space Heaters to School in Anticipation of Cold Front (ETF retaliates...) (Patrick claims)
  • Cheryl Begins CE as Joe's Assistant, Hates It
  • Front Office Imposes Surcharge for Free Cookie Friday
  • Joel’s Philosophy Class Makes For a Sudden Rise In Introverts - School Now Incredibly Quiet (Considering writing this one, but if someone else is really feeling it than go for it! - Jo)
  • New VIsta proposes to change color of Saint Patricks Day from green to something else.
  • Pfouts threatens Leek Staff "If we don't get this issue published, I'm turning this car around." (Robin claims)
  • something about CAP and TCAP being confused...
  • Colorado Dept of Education announces CAP, Yoga, and Digital Imaging to be focuses of new TCAP test; Kirk retires happily: "my work here is done."
  • Junior takes TCAP 'just for old times-sake'
  • Senior shows up for CSAP b/c he wasn't listening--"I remember missing school for the CSAP, but I thought this was different.  I didn't know what my advisor meant by TCAP, SO I showed up."
  • student accidentally locked in cafeteria after break - survives on vending machine food
  • Student passes at equity check-in; advisory stunned
  • 200 level feels lonely - where's my elevator?
  • The phrase "Jumped the shark officially jumps the shark." (Robin Claims This)
  • Marco decides: 'screw it, I'll just get my GED'
  • Ivette assigns Kirk to ISS; he gets all his work done
  • Hunter starts graphing parabolas upside down.
  • 'No one's looking - take an Onion' determined to just not sound as good.
  • On/off switch on theater mic determined to be in 'off' position
  • Announcement:  there will be a math class meeting in Alex's room at 8:45; pizza will be available.
  • Overheard: "so how do we fit the elevator in that little doorway?"
  • Anime club merges with railroad society - details forthcoming.
  • Moldy refrigerator wins 'Green School Award'; ETF cashes the check.
  • Toner gets replaced in Study Center printer - oh wait, that didn't happen.
  • Parents complain after 8th grader shadows a student in ISS.
  • Pfouts takes Friday off too.
  • Attendance line will transfer all calls to Donna's cell phone upon her retirement.
  • Construction team asked to "take another look" at the plans for the elevator
  • TCAP team holds pep rally
  • First ever New Vista School staff Debates.
  • Susie Makes Mandatory Tie-Dye Uniform for her Advisees
  • Cheryl's Modern Slavery Class Cracks Down on Community Experience Program 
  • Modern slavery—chocolate factory
  • Hunter Ruins Ultimate Practice by bringing a Boomerang
  • Kirk Irate because Construction Workers swear he "Requested an Escalator." (could've easily built and elevator)
  • Student pulls fire alarm in order to avoid huge exam and enjoy lovely windstorm
  • Long Advisory reports
  • Occupy Hallway protests renovations--secret underground lair discovered--Donna's not really retiring.
  • Cafeteria slated to open in time for students to enjoy "Chef's Choice."
  • Cookie Bailout for New Vista (I will write this -- Evan)
  • New Vista makes bid to transfer 2012 Olympics from London to Boulder
  • Former New Vista student, now in college, misses Socratic seminars and poster projects
  • Mortified Student Remembers She Has Forgotten to Feed Neopet For Ten Years. (Robin will do this)
  • BVSD declares upper hallway a Bluegrass Zone--like Safe Zone Signs (I'll photoshop the sign. Patrick)

Pfouts says, "Let's Post funny, fake questions and answers for Kirk and Ivette.  We'll publish the best as some sort of feature:  Q&A with the P and AP"

Administrator's Corner:  A chance for you to ask questions for Kirk and Ivette

  • Ivette Q: How did you spend Valentine's Day?       A: Turkey and all the fixin's--Colombian tradition
  • Kirk Q: What's your favorite meal in the new cafeteria? Everybody submit answers, best on wins
    •  A:  Tofu Beef Wellington
    • Wheat grass and Molasses 
    •  A:  Pop Chips and Invisible Salsa
    • Chef's Choice
    • RK Surprise (The RK stands for Royal Kuisine; not Road Kill, we swear!)
  • Kirk Q: Is it true the Robotics Team is creating five prototypes to replace Donna?  A: Yes, the people who interviewed weren't going to cut it, so I asked (Asst. Superintendent) Dierdre Pilch to convert Donna's salary into cash.  Mark came up with the idea that they could make five state of the art office robots using the cash as fuel. But can they replace Donna?  We'll see.  It's crazy but it just might work.
  • Q: what do you see as the biggest changes from CSAP to TCAP?

TCAP issue Leek ideas

  • New name creates enthusiasm--students like new name "it seems more hip"--now they'll try
  • Robotics makes test taker—prototype 
  • Juniors and seniors CSAP Fantasy League—like fantasy football…draft players. 
  • Gambling Ring Scandal--proctors betting, giving clues
  • Click here to see Pfouts' CSAP Ideas from last year some still might apply, or at least help you think of ideas for this year
  • Top ten ways to rock the TCAP
  • What's new with the TCAP

More ideas--some older


  • Tas' Advisory starts coffee mug business--with all the left behind mugs.
  • Smoker section divided, between Ravers and Punks. Hipsters sit this one out.
  • Anti-Pfouts found tied up in chair in Pfouts' closet - Somehow still passed off as equitable (I might do this, but if someone else wants to that's fine - Jo)
  • Water cut-off in art room limits watercoloring says a disgruntled Faith
  • Construction at New Vista leads to discovery of Underground Boulder(this is where all the weird people have disappeared to!)
  • Mike's U.S. History: Colorado class finds Alfred Packer innocent of murder after heated trial. Is New Vista a little too accepting?
  • Cat Shows held in New Vista Auditorium every Tuesday night
  • Tas and Human Growth Hormone scandal (claimed by Evan unless you really want to do it)
  • Hunter renames Algebra 2 to "Maths 2" (or something else making fun of dialect differences)
  • Recent Studies Indicate New Vista Students smarter than Fairview and Boulder high students due to mindless videos shown each quarter by Pfouts
  • NOT(Not On Tobacco) pauses meeting for group-wide smoke break
  • New Bill allows students to opt out of CSAP without hurting school. (Im going to do this - Leo)
  • Kirk delivers annual 'State of the School' Address
  • after only one semester in 100 hall way pfouts advisory reverted to tribal state (I wanna do this one -Ben )
  • Study Describing Positive Effects of Yerba Mate Was Falsified, Natural Highs in an Uproar
  • Students Unable to Decide if Mark More Closely Resembles Dr. Emmett Brown or Doctor Who

  • Occupy Occupy - An even scruffier group of protesters protests the protest from within the protest.
  • Tebow Staying Fit for Next Losing Season
  • Proof for 2012 apocalypse discovered in cereal bowl
  • PM 1st Hr becomes "lunch class"
  • Leek Article References Mayonnaise in the Title
  • Kirk compared to Rick Santorum: Sweatervestitis
  • McRib found to be comprised primarily of shoe rubber.
  • Source of mysterious clanking in furnace found to be lost shadowing student
  • Joel replaced by alien duplicate, no one notices the difference
  • Someone want to do something funny with the above photo? It's from a school bus that Pfouts and I were on, and it made us both giggle just a little too much
  • Marco announces plans to teach new class about the historical significance of Twilight.
  • nerd teenager successfully matchmakes Godzilla figure with Pikachu.
  • childbearing wife considers triplet births nothing compared to what her husband had to go through.
  • Joel caught considering things.
  • Fire alarm acquires new look.
  • Stalker still angry girl hasn't called back yet.
  • In Failed Attempt to Pick Up Paper, Student Gets Paper Cut.
  • In wake of recent Middle Eastern and African revolutions, New Vista students rally to make everyday "Cookie Friday."
  • Kirk required to stay through summer to make up for one month of unexcused absence
  • NVHS remodel includes shackles in Marco's room
  • Most popular NVHS colleges made fun of... ex. Evergreen State
  • Student shows up at school in July: Just finished revising his writeup
  • 10 things you didn't know about New Vista
    1. Hole in wall found 50% more popular than urinal.
    2. Cookie bowl 26% less popular during flu and cold season.
    3. Surprising portion of Statistics class has been under the influence of alcohol at school at some point in last thirty days.
    4. Students enjoy more independence than at other schools, but less freedom.
  • Future Freshman Profiles
  • Chemistry B vs Post-Secondary Research: The Battle For the Open Lab
  • Students Announce the Creation of the NVHS Extreme Hopscotching Team - threatens grades, cookies, and letters of recommendation.
  • Kirk’s iPod Stolen, He Goes on Rampage Interrogating Students With Baseball Bat.
  • Mark Arrested for Trying to Make a Nuclear Reactor Under the School, Attempted to Blame it on His Physics Class.
  • Kate Brings Dead Goldfish Back to Life as Zombie Goldfish, Having Trouble Getting it to do her Nefarious Bidding. (pic)
  • Asbestos gives students superpowers
  • End of the World May 21st, plans for graduation have been put on hold till the 22nd (Claimed by Zanna)
  • Senior Prank- All decide to not graduate! 100 Super-seniors (I'll do this one -Fox)
  • Juniors crash Pfouts Senior Party
  • Remodeling New Vista includes a new football field! for our football team...
  • Hall Monitor given detention for roaming the hallways 'way' to much
  • (similar to asbestos story but) Super Seniors Found to Actually Have Super Powers
  • Kirk Now Using Infra-Red Imaging to Catch Kids Doing Graffiti in the Bathrooms (see http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-13522957)
  • Some Kids Getting Plastic Surgery to Make Themselves Look More “Gangster” and less “Wangster”
  • Mark Mourns the Death of Mars Rover Spirit, Wears Black for Entire Month
  • Kirk Finally Admits, “There May Be Problems With the Computers” - Won't admit it's because they're not Macs.
  • Pfouts Discovers He’s Actually Related to Frederick Faust, Poet and Pulp Writer.

  • Statue of David Sued for Indecent Exposure, (Rae will write)


  • Marco comes late to class with hoodie and music at max, heckles everyone else at back of classroom 
  • Due to false fire alarms, fire-alarms being taken out of school
  • Equity Training Finally Pays Off: Xenophobe Rips Up Anti-Immigration Fliers, Tearfully Apologizes to Stern NV Student

  • Student gets 504 Plan for IBS
  • Student creates staff Voodoo Dolls for Culminating Project
  • Dr. Pfouts snaps on rubber gloves, claims "This will only hurt a lot"
  • New Vista High planning on using a "testing only" educational approach
  • Wal-mart to increase value by adding even more fat and sugar
  • Google changes management, announces plan for world domination
  • New Vista begins Preparing for Successor to Quitter - Posted by Evan - Unclaimed
    • Relates to China's Succession, I don't know if anyone will get this or if it works...
  • "Cheat sheet" for something related to the release timing.
  • Train Sails or Student Plays with Fire, Gets Horns
  • I Know How To Keep Stupid People Busy (Story on page 2B.)
  • (On Page 2B) I Know How To Keep Stupid People Busy (See front page for story)
  • I Could’ve Sworn There Was An Article Here; You Stay Here, I’ll Go Look For It
  • Earrings looks like iPod buds--causes chaos in classroom--student suspended for earbud earrings while others get away with saying "what, these are just my earrings."
  • Equity check-in goes through lunch--students miss PM block
  • Students find new way to block hallways
  • NVHS couple thinks people enjoy their PDAs (or is it PDsA? or just PDA)
  • Earth Task Force Movie--could be like Batman or X-men, we could do a review and maybe a coming soon poster.
  • Marco won't let someone leave class to compost--ETF intervenes (pfouts will write this unless somebody really wants it)
  • ETF develops something like the Bat Signal
  • Sacred ETF meetings/sacrifices
  • Hunter mistakenly goes to Austria
  • Phil's old school fires Hunter--Phil calls Hunter a (Australian Slang) (I'll write this one as well! --Fox)
  • Shadows plan shadow prank--like other school's senior prank
  • NVHS still waiting for call from MTV's made
  • Ridiculous Culminating Projects--fake article explaining how it's going
    • stay awake for 120 hours--then write a reflection
    • re-animating a dead body
    • pretending to do something--falsifying documents and research for 120 hours--path related b/c the student wants to become a lying sack of sauce
  • Ivette sentences Lindsay Lohan to ISS
  • Kirk to issue GPS chips to track students who wander hallways
  • Teach in trouble for whistling Cee-lo's "Forget You" at students
  • Student loves to use bathroom at break--because no one else uses them then.
  • Hosni Mubarak leaves Egypt to become BVSD Superintedent
    • Chris King to run for Egyptian Presidency
  • College Writing cheat sheet--mistakes to put in papers that Marco doesn't catch...
  • Cartoon Animals, Charlie Chaplin Lament Anvil Shortages
  • Price of Coke rises to $2.69 a Gallon; Pfouts Forced to Use Gasoline Like Everyone Else
  • NVHS student finds a way to communicate with aliens, but mix-up in the tuning equipment causes him to communicate with Kirk instead
    • "Same difference, really"
    • Kirk asked about anal probing
  • Simpsons Pie Chart (50% from other media)
  • Pfouts wants to start his own Glee club
    • Students think it would be a "Sorrow" club
  • Joel at it again (Seth- w/image)
  • Moe's bagels not a bar
  • Dead actor finds playing a zombie extremely easy
  • Poll comment removed
  • Invader Zim
  • Personality Theory class lacking personality
  • CAP class in competition with Earth Task Force, "we were green before you!"
  • Leprechauns found in boiler room - Kirk: "I knew Joe was hiding something!"
  • NVHS starts slow transition from alternative high school to military style boot camp, Quitter wonders, "will students notice"--Shash
  • Freshman starts new trend by hanging out at Espresso Roma during lunch, oh wait...
  • CAP action project: homemade nuclear reactor to be installed next to compost pile. (somebody do this one--pfouts) (I can write this one! --Fox)
  • 1337  |-|4><0|^2  74|<3 0\/3|2 133|<  (leet haxorz take over leek)
  • Student builds Small Hadron Collider; other students use it to cook their Ramen cups at lunch
  • New Vista Community Room needs more microwaves
  • Man, Costco sells EVERYTHING in bulk (yo over here)
    • If someone would write articles for them we could do every one of my Digital imaging projects --Emmet
  • Studies have shown Crayola Markers to be a gateway drug.
  • Tinky-Winky from The Teletubbies comes out of closet, Po devastated.
  • NVHS to revise dress code to prohibit anything approaching normal clothing
  • News flash: CAP trip is actually substance free
  • 10 best/10 worst culminating projects made fun of (Seth claims this)
  • Batches Go Indie: Record EP in Dumpster
  • New Vista White Kid Found to Have "Rhythm"
  • ALGEBRA STUDENTS! Is there any problem they can't solve?
  • New Student Takes Leek Slogan Literally, Brings Newspaper Into Bathroom

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